Rolling Horde characters on Mankrik

Due in part to New Blizzard stupidity (more on that in a different post), we are rolling Horde characters on the PvE server Mankrik. If you have wanted to join up with us but missed the boat with our Alliance characters for whatever reason, now would be a good time to join Discord and jump in.

More specifically, at least one set of characters will level at a very slow pace, with the intent of hitting every dungeon along the way as a group. Level caps and dungeon runs will be clearly posted both in-game and in discord. If we have more than 5 people, we will make the numbers work and plan additional runs as needed. The goal here is to enjoy the best of Classic (group stuff) at a pace that hopefully almost anyone can keep up with.  Everyone is free to roll additional characters and level as they wish of course.

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2 Responses to Rolling Horde characters on Mankrik

  1. Blizz will be getting BGs out early now, promising them the week of Dec 10, ahead of all of the other phase 3 stuff.

    • Kryss says:

      We will see, but i think damage is done. And ofc you can still farm 50+ while waiting in BG queue…
      Personaly i left all my chars and gold on pvp servers and now leveling Priest on PvE, never was a healer, it is unexpectedly fun.

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