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China takes a loss, lapdog Blizzard is still a problem

Blizzard apologized with their actions, but not their words. That’s… something. Let me be very clear about what the words and actions mean before I dive into what I think of it all. China, via Blizzard, reduced the penalty, which … Continue reading

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Blizzard picked a side, I’ve picked mine

Blizzard recently banning a Hearthstone player due to a statement they made about Hong Kong has now put me in a personal quandary. On the one hand I’m really enjoying WoW Classic and want to keep playing. On the other … Continue reading

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WoW Classic: The game-changer expansion

I posted my initial thoughts on what a Classic expansion might look like. It was basically ‘more of the same’, and avoiding what WoW gets wrong with WotLK and beyond. But the more I think about it, a lot of … Continue reading

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WoW Classic: Nostalgia or Design?

What Blizzard feels is the correct answer to the question “Why are people playing and enjoying Classic” will go a long way in determining the game’s future direction. If the answer is heavily towards ‘nostalgia’, then the key to Classic’s … Continue reading

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WoW Classic: Alt-itis

One of the big surprises related to WoW Classic for me has been my enjoyment of playing alts. Back in Vanilla I only had my Orc Warrior, and later had a lvl 19 twink undead Rogue. But I never got … Continue reading

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WoW Classic and TFT, by the numbers

Lets talk numbers on a late Friday afternoon! First up is info from Riot on the success of Team Fight Tactics, the non-WoW game that I’m still playing heavily. The big number is that 33 million accounts play TFT a … Continue reading

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WoW Classic: First month and the game is still growing, but for how long?

We are a month into WoW Classic and a few things are shaking out. The biggest IMO being that the population hasn’t gone down since launch, and if anything is still growing, as Blizzard continues to open new servers. Of … Continue reading

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