Mighty Party: How to get into our guild

As previously stated, our guild “HC Casuals” is up and running in Mighty Party.

It’s now been upgraded to level two, meaning we have 20 spots. Currently we are full, but there are still a few randoms that can be removed to make room for blog readers. I think the easiest way to get in is to friend me in-game (my ID is IXBZHG), and then I can invite you via the friends list.

Also highly recommended you join the blog Discord, as in-game chat isn’t nearly as easy to follow as Discord: www.discord.gg/rnPykH4

As far as in-game activity, I’ve reach league 20 which opened up the Dark Tower daily event. So far I’ve yet to win more than 5 times before getting knocked out after 3 defeats, but even those results give a decent reward. Between Dark Tower, Journeys, Gold Mine, and regular ladder battles, there are certainly plenty of game modes to earn rewards in. On top of that you have the daily and weekly quests, and whatever event happens to be running. It’s a ‘busy’ game without feeling overwhelming, even just a few days into the game.

One tip: If you intend to spend any money, make sure to join the guild first, as many money spent while in a guild gives all members a small bonus, and earns the guild points towards increasing the guild rank (more member slots).

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  1. Gyorgy Boda says:

    Applied, dump some random :)

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