GW2: Might as well

I pre-ordered GW2 today in order to buy my way into the beta weekends. I was going to hold off, but since I don’t expect GW2 to failcascade like SW:TOR, I doubt the box price is going to drop anytime soon, so buying the game today is likely to be the same thing as buying it in a few months. No sub cost is also of course a factor.

What I actually expect to get out of GW2 is another matter. I’m basically buying it play with the rest of Inquisition, and because it will hopefully be a nice alternative to EVE. League of Legends fills this slot currently, but I can’t play more than a game or two a day before drifting away, so I still have some gaming time to spare.

In more than one way, I’m actually hoping GW2 is super casual and very ‘accessible’, because I don’t want to invest the amount of time required for a ‘real’ MMO. I want to get to 80 asap, get geared, and just be able to jump into WvW when INQ has a crew going.

Basically, I’m looking for GW2 to be fantasy Battlefield 3. This upcoming weekend will likely go a long way to showing whether GW2 is up to that task or not.

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  1. Looking forward to comments from somebody not already heavily invested in the game. Tell us exactly which forms of cancer it can cure and at what success rates.

    • coppertopper says:

      ha! Despite the ‘fix-all-MMO-failings’ predictions going on, I just hope its a LOTRO with better quest and combat mechanics.

  2. jondare says:

    May i recommend the Ring of Fire server then? seems that’ll be were i make my home, and the more mature community person we can gather there, the better :)

  3. Ravious says:

    Yeah looking forward to your thoughts!

  4. Mobs says:

    I got beta as well, sadly i will be working the entire beta test save a few hours at the end of the night. I wanna jump back in INQ at release though. Several months down the road, sadly

  5. bhagpuss says:

    I commented on your comment over at KTR earlier. I know GW2 is supposed to be all things to all men etc etc but I had it pegged as a PvE MMO with some PvP options attached whereas you seem to have it as a PvP MMO with some minor PvE elements.

    Jabberwockist later in the comments thread there used the example of Disney World = GW2PvE vs Epcot Centre = GW2PvP, which meant absolutely nothing to me since not only have I never been to either but only have the vaguest idea what they are.

    I’m guessing that if someone just wants to just do WvWvW there will be enough of it to keep them busy indefinitely, but that most of the game will be PvE and most players won’t be paying much attention to WvWvW at all. I’m happy to do some WvWvW (boy, that abbreviation is getting old fast) but only a side-dish to a PvE main course, so I hope I’ve understood correctly what the game is going to be.

    Guess we’ll all find out soon enough.

    • Epcot Center would be the part of the Disney World group of parks that would probably rank as the least fun. And I include the bus system in that ranking. You can occasionally see an alligator from the buses.

      • Kobeathris says:

        You know how CCP says wars should be about hate? This is the kind of statement that starts wars.

      • kalex716 says:

        Fair enough, but you really haven’t done Epcot right till you go “drinking around the world-showcase”.

        A couple drinks in each country and you might change your mind.

        • Drinking around the world. That is exactly the sort of thing that would make a trip to Disney World memorable. My daughter would keep talking about it and my wife would never let me forget!

          I present as my sole piece of supporting evidence, that episode of the Simpsons where Homer thinks he is sneaking into Disney World, but then realizes he has only managed to get into Epcot. His response, “Doh!”

        • Kobeathris says:

          Homer of course being an intelligent and refined individual.

      • adam says:

        Wow, matter of opinion. Epcot is one of my favorite things in the world.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well if GW1 is any guide, the game will definately have a PvP focus in mind.

  6. Werit says:

    I’ll just be heading to the WvW area looking for fights

  7. kobeathris says:

    Yeah, I am hoping for something fun my wife and I can play together. Rift was too much like Wow, and unfortunately, Eve ain’t it.

  8. Azuriel says:

    […] because I don’t want to invest the amount of time required for a ‘real’ MMO.

    Whoa, hey now. If SynCaine heard you talk like that, actively contributing to the debasement of the MMO genre with your Facebook/Twitter-esque play style, why he’d be rolling in his grave!

    Rabble, rabble, community!

    • Everblue says:

      Pretty sure you don’t need to get to max level to PvP. Once you hop into PvP you get temporarily levelled to max level don’t you? And get PvP gear for free?

      • roqoco says:

        That’s for competitive PvP (e.g. 5×5) only. In WvW you’ll be using your PvE character upgraded to level 80. However, you won’t have the skills/weapons/traits of a true level 80 in WvW until you are fully PvE levelled.

      • spinks says:

        I always did wonder why ANet wanted to put so many levels into the game.

  9. saucelah says:

    “Might as well” pretty much describes my feelings. The box price is standard, and even if the game fails to deliver on its promises, I’ll still probably get more play time out of it than I would a similarly priced single player game, and no sub means I won’t feel compelled to cram that time into the first 30 days.

    Why not?

  10. murakamissheep says:

    We all knew you would cave.

    Anyways, the real story we want to hear is Bioware’s urgent cry that they haven’t lost any subscribers…holding steady! When’s the post coming about that?

    • SynCaine says:

      I’d say I’m waiting for the quarterly earnings call, but EAWare are going to twist the numbers around on that like they are now, counting free weekend accounts, the free month they gave out, etc. Everyone knows the whole “it’s not the subs, its the activity” thing is a total lie, but what more is there to say about it?

  11. sleepysam says:

    Looking forward to the reports on GW2 from INQ – is Paragus playing?

  12. Dril says:

    I’m very disappointed.

    At £50 there’s no way in hell I’m buying the hype; happily, that has a nice double meaning, because a) I still don’t really understand why people care so much about GW2 (I got briefly hyped for it for about a month or so before I remembered I can logically analyse videos rather than just looking at them and going “huh, I guess this looks cool”) and b) I am, really, just purchasing the product of hype, because the aforementioned videos have failed to express to me why I would waste money on it other than by believing in the hype others do.

    I’m awaiting the price crash on Amazon before I even consider picking it up.

  13. Aufero says:

    Haven’t been paying attention to GW2 – I reached my limit on reading “This is the game to end all games!” posts (not here, obviously) a few months back and tuned out.

    If it takes more than two months to get bored of it, it will have passed my (extremely low) bar for MMO success. (Also, I’d like to be able to jump.)

  14. Anonymous says:

    “I want to get to 80 asap, get geared, and just be able to jump into WvW”

    That’s actually just kind of sad right there. Its the EvE/Something Aweful mentality – “lets get these noobs geared out so they can help the guild stomp heads in PvP”. If you can’t enjoy the journey, then you are playing for the wrong reasons.

  15. coppertopper says:

    “I want to get to 80 asap, get geared, and just be able to jump into WvW ”

    That’s actually kind of sad right there. Its the EvE/Something Aweful/Darkfail/and apparently Inquisition mentality of “lets get geared up so we can dominate noobs on the internet” mindset. If the journey doesn’t interest you, then why bother putting up the cash for it? Seems like you could buy more isk and add another yellow pixel to your EvE clan space ownership map.

    • SynCaine says:

      Better journey, Skyrim or GW2?

    • Shadow says:

      I’m not buying what you’re trying to sell.

      This whole, “it’s the journey” crap is accurate in games like EVE, Worm, Darkfall, etc… where the journey is forever, and the only end is the one you make yourself (if you so choose). Everywhere else, there is a clearly determined stopping point where the game is no longer the same. The journey wasn’t a journey, it was a preamble. For the journey to be enjoyed, it has to matter, and in modern themeparks, it just doesn’t.

    • coppertopper says:

      actually after further thought, i find your statement pretty funny. Did i get caught in a trolling net?

    • Cyndre says:

      Coppertopper, are we to believe that your method of game enjoyment is the only viable or correct one? Our apologies for having different goals and objectives, than you the master of all MMO.

      At no point did Syncaine say EVERYONE should do that. He said that what he was going to do, and even explained why.

  16. Bernard says:

    “In more than one way, I’m actually hoping GW2 is super casual and very ‘accessible’, because I don’t want to invest the amount of time required for a ‘real’ MMO”

    But seriously, you’re going to put the 30+ hours a week of community gameplay required as a player content creator, right?

    Could whoever kidnapped the real SynCaine please return him to the blog?

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