North Downs hunting

Finally got a decent chunk of time to play some LoTRO last night, and with about 15 quests in the North Downs tab, it was time to head over and finish as many as possible. Having so many quests for one area, I figured basically anything we kill or any place we go is sure to be a quest goal, so with that in mind we started in the northern area of the zone and just made a large sweeping arc south, killing and collecting as we went. At the end of our loop, we had a good 6 or 7 quests checked off, with a few others halfway done. Some quick searching and a question or two to our Kinship, and a solid 10 quests had been completed and sat ready to be turned in.

As is the case with most LoTRO quests, you get a follow-up, either to kill a tougher version of wolf/spider/orc, or deliver whatever you had just collected to some NPC. The nice thing about this is that it furthers the story of each quest (assuming it had a decent one to begin with, but many in LoTRO do), and also brings further xp/money/rewards your way, often with limited effort.

Out of the 10 completed quests, I would say a good 7 had a follow-up, giving us another nice set of goals for tonight, ones that should go a bit quicker now that we are familiar with the lay of the land and its various camps and landmarks. LoTRO has done a very nice job in balancing ‘search for x’ quests with ‘go to this exact location and do x’. That balance reduces the often common problem of being on what feels like one continuous Easter egg hunt. If you have limited time on a given night, head over to the orc camp you discovered on a previous pass and take out the named mob you saw before. A quick and clean quest completed in a set amount of time, a very rare thing in MMOs these days.

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