EQ2 choices, EVE PvP Tourney.

Not much gaming time the last few days, so not a whole lot to write about.

I was incorrect about the EQ2 trial limiting you to only the Fae. Seems you get access to all the race/class combos when you make a second character, so only your first must be a Fae. Still an odd choice by SOE, but not as bad as having no access to the other races at all. I also played around with the setting a bit more, as EQ2 gives you the choice to tweak almost everything in terms of the graphics engine. The alternate models are an awesome upgrade, and much needed as some of the original races looked awful. I’m still trying to figure out what exactly gives you the most bang for your buck. Hopefully tonight some serious time can be given to EQ2 and I get a better feel for it, and make a decision on whether it’s worthwhile to pick up the full version.

In EVE, aside from more skill training and some mission running, I watched a good portion of the PvP tourney matches. I must say the format and presentation of the matches was top notch. If I had one grip with the tech side of it, is I would love a high res version of the matches available, so for the better ones you can watch it in full detail. As far as the commentating, it was very hit or miss. Most disappointing was the final match, where one of the commentators had no interest in the match itself and talked repeatedly about the EVE-TV vs. CCP match. Very unprofessional considering it was the final, and overall disrespectful to both competing teams. That said, most of the time the commentating was very good and informative. I look forward to the next tourney, hopefully with some rule tweak to force some greater variety in ships, and perhaps getting the bigger ships into the combat.

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