Command Center

Forumfall has a thread about everyone’s gaming area. Figured some of you might be interested in mine here as well. Click to enlarge.

Gaming area


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14 Responses to Command Center

  1. A nice clean space. Mine is inevitably covered with junk. I claim the house is titled on its foundation in a way that forces all unclaimed items to somehow end up on my desk.

    How big is that monitor above your laptop?

  2. Jenks says:

    Very nice, I love the glass desks.

    We’ve had our PCs in the living room for about 5 years, on opposite ends of the couch with monitor arms etc, but we’re getting ready to go back to the old desk setup in a side room. The idea we’re most likely going to go with is two corner desks facing one another. This is pretty much the setup I intend to go with:

  3. Sleepysam says:

    Those look amazing compared to dragging a MacBook around the house

  4. Mobs says:

    God damn how are you so clean? I love these threads. Here’s me!

  5. sid6.7 says:

    I think I saw that desk and printer stand at Office Depot. Is that where you got it?

    (btw, saw that forumfall thread — the OP is pretty funny)

  6. R3 says:

    Hello SynCaine, a bit (completely) off topic. Have you played Dark Souls? Do you intend to play the sequel? It looks interesting but I have never played it.

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