Mythos patch quick thoughts.

With the recent Mythos patch, I decided to log in and check out the changes. I logged in with my level 14 Bloodletter and started looking around. The first very noticeable things are guild names and icons above most characters. It’s nothing major, but also nothing obnoxious, which is good. I have used the free respect the patch provided, putting points in a PBAOE ability that seems very effective so far. In addition to some solid damage, it also summons a tornado of sorts, slowing all enemies around it. I’ve only run a few quests so far, but everything still seems sharp and attractive. Mythos is one of those games that’s fun to just load up and play around with for an hour or so, and each patch continues to improve it in very meaningful ways.

People in general chat seem to be excited about hardcore mode (you die your character is gone) and elite mode (hard mode basically). I have yet to try either out, but I know in Diablo 2 hardcore mode certainly added a sense of desperation to major fights, so I might give it a try in Mythos as well. The patch notes also mention something called “Zivia’s Puzzle Box”, which is hopefully a horodric cube-like item to transform gems into more useful versions. My bank is overflowing with chipped gems of all sorts. Guess I’ll have to do a quick search about that soon.

If anyone is looking for a Diablo-like game, I highly recommend signing up for the beta. The game is very stable and a good time even in this unfinished state.

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