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New mouse, Torchlight, DarkFall

A little collection of random bits incoming. A bought a Razer Imperator mouse recently, due to my old MX518 crapping out, and I must say I’m very impressed. Much like my G15 replacing my old ‘standard’ keyboard, I never thought … Continue reading

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iPhone MMO, Field Runners, and a slow Friday.

Slow Friday for anyone? It’s rainy here in MA, and its 3 hours before the work week is done and the weekend begins. The lethargy is so bad I can’t even come up with a blog post today… I mean … Continue reading

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Mythos patch quick thoughts.

With the recent Mythos patch, I decided to log in and check out the changes. I logged in with my level 14 Bloodletter and started looking around. The first very noticeable things are guild names and icons above most characters. … Continue reading

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Holding Pattern.

Dear snow, thanks for that four hour drive yesterday. Nothing like leaving work early, at 2pm, and finally getting home at 6pm. That was awesome… On to a happy topic, gaming, I find myself in somewhat of a standstill. Currently … Continue reading

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Mythos update.

I’ve been playing a good bit of Mythos lately, my main character is at lvl 14, a human bloodletter, and overall it’s been very enjoyable. The graphic style is very nice while being very easy on hardware demands, and the … Continue reading

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Mythos beta, and more NWN2

Ah what a weekend. Redsox in the world series, Patriots 7-0 and blowing everyone out, BC ranked #2 in the country, the Celtics season about to start with the new big three, and the Bruins… well I think the Bruins … Continue reading

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