Quick, guess Blizzard’s panic move!?

First, no, I’m not dead. It was close (worst cold/flu of my life), and moving into a newly built house during said death illness didn’t help, but what REALLY did me in was Comcast. Despite calling them early on, telling them the site was new construction, they still had me without internet for almost a full week due to first cancelling because of snow, then showing up only to leave because they didn’t bring the right truck, and finally on the third try setting things up after 4 hours. Comcast HAS improved overall (up from being a complete and utter clownshow to just screwing up 50% of the time), but yea, they are lucky they still don’t really have viable competition.

Anyway, that aside, here is Mikey from Blizzard talking about what Blizzard is going to do in the mobile space now that layoffs are making the rounds and whoops, guess you shoulda tried harder to keep some of those WoW subs around because god knows poorly designed card games and failed MOBAs aren’t going to do it.

“I feel like there’s still a big opportunity in mobile beyond just casual games,” Morhaime stated. “I’m not sure we’ve figured out what that is yet.”

That quote is so choice Blizzard. By ‘we haven’t figured it out yet’, he means ‘we are cloning the biggest game out, give us a minute’. So how soon until we see a Clash of Clans clone using the StarCraft IP? Or do they pull the zero-effort/care powerplay and use the Warcraft IP, thus making the clone a really bad/lazy look?

The saddest thing though is that if this was old Blizzard, you could get mad about the idea theft or the utter lack of originality, but at least you knew a good game was coming. Now? Something of HotS-level ‘quality’ or worse, and that won’t keep the executioner at bay. Better keep cranking out that ‘tremendous amount’ of WoW content you pay 250 people to product (read: zero for a year now?)

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  1. Silverangel says:

    A new TV/Movie studio to both profit from and market their game lore and ecosystems isn’t exactly zero effort or boring, but agree the insinuation of a more and more bloated, derivative, inefficient megacorp may have some validity.

    • SynCaine says:

      The movie is going to bomb, so that’s actually worse than any upcoming CoC-clone, which like HS will likely make a profit due to reusing art assets and just cashing in on whatever is left of the Blizzard name.

  2. Esteban says:

    Yep, still can’t stand Chris Metzen. And it’s been years since I had been exposed to his writing.

    “Talk with anyone at Blizzard, publicly or privately, and you’ll hear the same thing: feeding the beast strains the company. Every one of its franchises requires regular updates to keep players engaged, and some of these content packages are massive. No matter how much you deliver, gamers want more.”

    Puzzling. Leaving aside WoW content-droughts, ‘regular’ SC2 and D3 content updates strike me as fairly cheap to produce: mostly window-dressing for core gameplay. While Hearthstone’s brawls may take some regular effort to keep fresh, everything else in there seems trivial in terms of resources – excitement is mostly generated by switching around numbers. I don’t know much about HotS, but how onerous is it really to make a new map, slap together cosmetic fluff, or throw in a new hero or two?

    I do think Hearthstone and Overwatch, at least, are going to do fine. The former is very watchable, which is probably the most important quality of an e-sport, and it’s already rife with mini-celebrities. The latter is riding the cultural zeitgeist and looks bright and pretty, which may well be enough nowadays.

  3. Fucknuckle says:

    I think the fact that blizzard failed to build a good destiny/the division speaks volumes of how bad the company is now.

  4. Well, at least in that Venture Beat article, which is better than the Ars Technica summary, and much better than the MOP summary of the Ars summary, it is clear Blizz isn’t going to jump on the VR bandwagon. But then the classic Blizzard strategy is to only move into proven categories, and VR is a long, long way from proven.

  5. Eph says:

    This isn’t the first time you suggested that Blizzard should clone CoC. However, let’s face it: by the time Blizzard figures out what it wants to do in mobile space, you’ll get bored to death with CoC and its genre anyway.

    How much time and money have you spent on EVE in 2015?

    • SynCaine says:

      Zero, been too focused running a 50 man clan in CoC for two years, along with the 25 man task force in BB, why?

      • Eph says:

        Oh, it’s just that you’ve spent years harping on about how EVE was the best thing since sliced bread and that Blizzard should borrow most of the stuff from it – and now you don’t even play it!

        With that in mind, I can’t help but feel that your current infatuation with CoC as the golden standard for mobile games will fizzle out the same way. (Probably around the time when the majority of your clan hits TH10+. From what I’ve heard, that grind kills enthusiasms more effectively than any WoW content draught)

        • Anonymous says:

          Sliced bread isn’t actually very good, yet people still eat it, because it saves time and effort. This, amusingly, is exactly the reverse of the situation with EVE. The initial metaphor in your post therefore refutes the conclusion of your post quite neatly.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Why don’t you think HOTS is good? I have very little time to play games, and HOTS is the most approachable MOBA by far, and not badly done at all. Lacks a lot of good-to-have features, agreed, but so did the competitors in the first year of their existence.

    • SynCaine says:

      I just find it incredibly boring for a MOBA, in that it somehow makes it so you don’t care what is actually happening or how well you are doing. A ‘great play’ isn’t highly rewarded in HotS, nor is a terrible mistake. It’s always just meh, which is about the worst thing a MOBA can be IMO.

      Also all of the gimmick maps and heroes are just cheesy, and ARAM is about as cheesy as I want my MOBA.

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