Prolonged vacation

So I lost my job yesterday. For me, that means it’s time to scramble and find a new job, for you (the reader) that means possibly more/less posting. I’m not sure which just yet, but we will see. While being unemployed means I have a lot of time, nothing motivates to write like sitting in a cube with nothing to do.

Oh, and if anyone is hiring in the Boston MA area, let me know.

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  1. Rick says:

    Dude. So sorry to hear that :( Unfortunately, I’ve got no info on the Boston job marker. What’s your career?

  2. Tipa says:

    Always jobs in the insurance industry down here in Connecticut for skilled Java developers… that’s how I ended up here… dunno if that’s the skills you have.

  3. Diagon says:

    Bad news, sorry. What happened, didn’t file your TPS reports on time? Refused to participate in Hawaiian shirt Friday? Did you at least set the building on fire?

    Boston, MA must be a hard market. Even a couple of my business contacts in the area recently got laid off. Temping sucks, but it can help ends meet until you find something more permanent.

  4. JoBildo says:

    Ouch, man. That bites. Maybe try looking in the Gov. for a job? You can use me as a reference, and to be quite frank it’s all about who you know in the public sector. It’s how I got in, and I don’t intend to leave.

    Check out to see if there’s anything you might qualify for that’s open to the public.

  5. Thallian says:

    Sorry to hear you lost your job, here’s the Boston Craigslist site it can help :)

  6. syncaine says:

    Thanks everyone!

    The long and short of it is Fidelity was cutting costs, and looking for reasons to fire people. Not much you can do when that happens.

    I’ll have to look into a Gov job Bildo, and a reference would be great. I have a CS degree from a good college, and the last three years have been with Fidelity doing pension work, which I would like to get away from. Finance stuff, like mutual funds and such, would be good. I have some sales experience as well.

  7. mandrill says:

    shit man that’s harsh. Commiserations on the loss of your job.

    A thought for you though: do this full time. Slap some ads on your site (relevant ones of course) and monetize.

    Check out and for tips on how. There are many other sites who’ll tell you that they have the key to making a living doing this but these guys really know their stuff. I’ll warn you now that its not an instant cash cow, but you’ve already got a solid reader base so half the work is already done.

    You’ve got my support and continued readership if you try this (and my email address, feel free to use).

    as we say over here in limey land: chin up old boy :)

  8. Aaron says:

    Hey Syncaine,

    If Westborough isn’t too far out, drop me a line at my email address. We have a few open recs at my office, and your experience at Fidelity will be a big plus. Shoot me a message and I’ll fill you in.

  9. H00LiGAN says:

    Yeah, I work in Westborough too, and mutual funds is the name of the game. There aren’t too many openings, but you never know.

  10. Wilhelm2451 says:

    Ouch, sorry to hear about the job thing. I’ve been on that end of situation a couple of times myself. Life in the valley. But people with useful skills can always find work! Good luck on a speedy return to the daily grind!

  11. sean says:

    Sorry to hear that, I really can’t imagine how hard that is to deal with…you take care and keep the faith, whatever that might be in, I always have to remind myself that I am not given anything I cannot handle…take care!

  12. Crazykinux says:

    Hey Mate! Sorry to hear the bad news and welcome to the Club. I’ve been a Gamer Dad at Home for the better part of 4 months now. When I lost my job in late April my wife and I agreed that I would take the full summer off.

    I’ve only now started to look for work and plan to get back in the work place in early September.

    The only advice I can give you is to keep your head high and take charge of the situation. The only victim here is the one that acts like one.

    Good luck mate!!

  13. Phil says:

    Currently unemployed Java developer here. I feel your pain. Been unemployed in NC for going on 3 months. I’m going through 4 headhunters and they’ve only had 7 or 8 open recs for java developers since I started looking and most of those were placed “on hold” or “cancelled” out right. One company (Wachovia) was looking for 10 developers one day and laying off hundreds the next. The market for java developers here is very, very dry.

    Anyway, I hope you and Crazykinux get back into the saddle soon. Being unemployed for a few weeks is fun, a few months really, really sucks.

  14. mbp says:

    Sorry to hear about your job Syncaine. Hope the new job hunt goes well. Who knows perhaps you will find something even better.

  15. Oakstout says:

    You could try Danvers, Mass. I think my Uncle is a slum lord there. lol Well, he does own a few rental properties.

    Sorry the hear about the job, I’ve got faith in your ability to bounce back.

  16. Oakstout says:

    Oh, if your looking for a Gov job, you can try getting in as an IRS agent. I know they are always looking for financial people with a college Ed, at least that’s what I hear from my wife.

  17. Sorry to hear about your job. I might have been able to help you out if you were in Melbourne Australia… Java programmers are in high demand down under.

  18. Werit says:

    Turbine (lotro) is close to Boston as well. Good luck :)

  19. Swift Voyager says:

    I’ve been through 5 layoff/office closings in the past 6 years, so I know your pain. Three of those five were due to the fact that we were actually doing too well and got bought by competitors who stole our customer base and shut us down. The price of success I guess.

    My fiance just got laid off from Staples regional office, here in South Carolina. I understand that they are headquartered in the Boston area. Just a word of caution about them, if they are hiring there. They did all kinds of strange things to my fiance and her coworkers before the layoffs started, such as reducing paid holidays, vacation time, increasing insurance costs, reduced pay scales by changing people to exempt salary, etc. I would avoid them at all costs.

    Good luck on the job hunt. It doesn’t look like they have an office in Boston, but Apple One Recruiting has helped me in the past. It doesn’t hurt to make a phone call, even if they can’t help you. When I am hunting for jobs, I always get a couple of recruiters working for me. It’s also not a bad idea to check with the temp services because some of the larger companies (like Sara Lee, whom I work for) do all their hiring through outside vendors. Sara Lee uses Adecco and Kelly Services.

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