Great games getting better

I bunch of the games I love all recently got significant updates, so lets talk about them.

Up first is Clash of Clans, where the Builder Base got town hall level 7 and all that comes with it. The two biggest additions are an extra army camp, which greatly increases offensive power and options, and the giant cannon, which really hurts the Builder hero and can really mess up ground attacks. There was also a patch that added some additions to the main game, most notably new levels of the golem and the valkyrie.

It’s somewhat ‘more of the same’, but mixing up the meta in both modes is pretty big, especially on the Builder side. I have a feeling a more impactful update is coming to CoC, but that likely won’t hit for another month or more. Even so, our clan is going strong in wars, though the most recent tweak to the matchmaking formula has, if anything, made matches less balanced than before. We had one war recently that had us down 0-3 in terms of bases with an Eagle Artillery, which is just a silly gap in power we couldn’t overcome.

Clash Royale also got a major update, adding a totally new game mode. The new mode is American football themed, where there are no towers, and each side (its currently 2v2) tries to get any unit into the opposite side’s endzone. The map is also just one large field, so no river or bridges, and where you can place troops and spells is also different. It’s such a massive departure from what a normal match of CR is that the meta is totally up in the air, especially as right now its only played in draft mode. Most importantly, it’s incredibly fun so far.

It also has some interesting future options, like allowing pre-built decks, or a 1v1 mode. Pre-built would lead to a meta, and I’d be very curious what cards would rise to the top. Right now some people feel hog is very strong, but I don’t feel any card is overly broken (I think golem is borderline, because even with buildings its just so hard to stop without putting yourself really behind on elixir).

Our clan in CR always sits at 50/50, but ask here and I can clear a spot.

Finally, the expansion for Grim Dawn is out, which brings two new classes and a level increase to the game. I’m hoping tonight to take it for a spin with my buddy, but I can’t see how if you liked Grim Dawn, you won’t like more of it.

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2 Responses to Great games getting better

  1. carson63000 says:

    Clash Royale’s Touchdown mode is good fun, but I think it would probably be best if it stuck to being draft-only.

    I imagine that Touchdown meta if you could freely create a deck would be fairly reductionist and repetitive.

  2. Izlain says:

    Touchdown is fantastic. I feel like you can get screwed sometimes where your teammate is the only one with a building and they don’t use it to properly block off building haters. Some people are blind, I swear!

    Oooo didn’t see the expansion for Grim Dawn announced. I played it for a bit back when it first came out of Early Access but have been wanting to dig deeper. Will have to check that out.

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