Tomorrow huh?

NDA drops, finally. I won’t do a whole big review, as I’m sure those will be everywhere and lets face it, as amazing as WAR is, it’s a mass-market MMO. You still do quests, get items, level, all that. Like Tobold, I’ll just pick at what I find very cool, and explain why certain little features will actually mean a great deal to WAR. Plus I’m planning on writing a sort of ‘play by play’ of certain classes, mainly to explain why the WAR world feels a whole lot different than any other MMO setting. Having played the beta, I no longer view the statement ‘War is everywhere’ as marketing hype, but rather the most accurate description of how each zone is laid out. Again, more tomorrow!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Can’t wait for NDA to lift… or for launch day… Im glad most people aren’t writing general reviews… in all honesty with all the hype out if you don’t know the basics of WAR by now you probably don’t care.

    What people *do* want to know is what kind of goodies mythic has been hiding in the beta =P

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