Tome of Knowledge, the feature that could.

With the NDA down (it is down, right?), lets finally start talking WAR details.

The one feature that I wrote off as a gimmick when I heard about it was the Tome of Knowledge. To me it sounded like a fancy name for a quest log, and while having a decent layout for a quest log is always nice, it’s not exactly a make or break feature. Oh how wrong I was. Many have described the ToK as a ‘game within the game’, no doubt due to it’s depth and level of interaction. To me that’s a bit misleading, as you never really ‘play’ the ToK, but rather it’s always in the background enhancing everything you do. It never gets in the way, but often times will inspire you to head off the beaten path for a bit.

The feature list for the ToK is huge, and a quick Google search will no doubt provide you a nice one. What that list won’t show you is how well the ToK fits into WAR, how it pulls off being amazingly deep and amazingly simple at the same time. Want to change your title? It takes but a few clicks in the ToK. Want to read up on a new monster type you just encountered? ToK. Curious to see how many wolves you’ve killed on your way to rank 40? ToK. And just how long did it take you to get to 40? ToK.

But that’s just the surface, the stuff that other MMOs have done with /played commands or simple character profiles. Almost everything in the ToK is a link to something else. Mouse over a title, and the ToK will tell you exactly how you achieved it. Go to a beastiery entry, and the ToK will list things you have already unlocked, as well as the next set of goals. Go to the story page of a certain tier, and the ToK will tell you your influence level in each area, provide a map, and other links. Each piece fits perfectly with everything associated with it, and you can go seamlessly from lore to side bonuses to major events with only a few clicks.

It’s also clearly built for the long haul, the type of design unique to MMOs that keeps us logging in again and again. Some of the goals in the ToK are very clearly long term stuff. Kill 10,000 (and perhaps more after that) orcs? Yea that’s not going to happen in one sitting. The beauty is that Mythic allows all of the ToK stuff to continue accruing while you are out questing or doing some RvR. The kill 10,000 orcs is a general goal, not zone specific. If you kill an orc player in RvR, that counts. Kill some orc NPCs during a quest, those count too. Level 1 orc, level 40 orc, they both count.

The ToK is far more than a quest log, or a deeds log, or a character profile. It’s all those things things, plus a bunch of other stuff, all formatted and linked for convenience, and presented in perfect style. Once you have had a chance to play an MMO with something like the ToK working it’s magic in the background, I makes other quest logs and lore sections look very lackluster in comparison. Mythic did not reinventing the wheel, they just gave you a car along with that wheel, and tuned it perfectly.

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7 Responses to Tome of Knowledge, the feature that could.

  1. Oakstout says:

    Yes, its awesome isn’t it. It’s Full of Stars!

  2. syncaine says:

    It’s like first grade, when you had your little shiny star tracker sheet, and each day you did something and got a sticker. I like stickers…

  3. Anonymous says:

    hehe, almost became a dirty NDA breaker despite your best efforts =P oh well, great post

  4. *sigh*

    I was really trying not to get caught up in the Beta madness much like I did with AoC but I have to admit that feature intrigues me.

    So, of course now I’ve pre-ordered and I guess I’ll see you all in the Open Beta.

  5. Solidstate says:

    > “It’s like first grade, when you had your little shiny star tracker sheet, and each day you did something and got a sticker”

    I still remember when I was 10 years old and my teacher used to give me those stickers that you scratch and they give off a smell… I *lived* for those stickers :)

  6. sid67 says:

    I still remember when I was 10 years old and my teacher used to give me those stickers

    What are you talking about? My wife still gives me those stickers…

  7. Zubon says:

    The Tome of Knowledge sounds like what I have been talking about getting for years now. If it works all that well, I might need to subscribe just on that feature.

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