Melee healer, whoo!

In yet another example of ‘no one thought of this before?’, the mechanic of having to engage in melee combat to effectively heal works amazingly well to keep a support class from falling into a healbot roll. The fact that as a melee healer you are able to take down tougher mobs than any other class is just icing on the cake.

Does that break NDA? And has that come down yet so I can actually put out complete thoughts…?

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  1. Stefan says:

    The melee healer has been around well before Warhammer. Vanguard has the Disciple (which in my opinion is the best verison of a melee healer. Give that class a try if you want a truly wonderful mix of melee and healing.), than there is the monk class from the not so popular Dark and Light, the Bear Shaman from Age of Conan, and I would even say that depending on how you spec yourself the Warden in EQ2 is a melee healer. I’m sure there are other examples of the melee healer out there. And I wish the nda was down because I would love to compare the warhammer melee healers to those of other games.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Not really an MMO, but in DnD 3rd edition the cleric was a melee healer that could stand toe to toe and sometimes surpass a straight melee class…. granted the healing and the melee weren’t strictly tied to each other as they are in WAR but the concept is still there.

  3. syncaine says:

    True the IDEA behind the cleric was to have them as holy warriors able to fight and heal. Paladins are supposed to have an even greater fighting aspect. Problem is, in most MMO’s, anyone with a healing spell worth anything is turned into a healbot, and if your healing is poor (shaman’s pre-BC) you don’t heal at all.

    Here one can’t heal without dps, and so the two are linked. The better the dps, the better the healing, so it’s beneficial to actually focus on both in order to make the character stronger overall. In most MMOs, while a character is capable of both, focusing on one over the other is viewed as a positive, not a negative.

  4. seriouslycasual says:

    Not to mention that most games “punish” melee with nasy point blank AOE creating problems for a true melee healer.

  5. brainclutter says:

    Technically you could count Paladins from almost every MMORPG and the Friar from DAOC as well.

    PS. It’s funny how close we’ve all come to pretty much ignoring the NDA in our blogs lately. :P

  6. Bonedead says:

    The friar from DAoC just got ridiculous in the last couple years. Whenever it got the styles that casted group heals. Like the use in front of target, group heal proc style. Ridiculous. Cool, but… you get it

  7. Zubon says:

    D&D 4th Edition: a standard Cleric ability is “hit things to let an ally spend a healing surge.”

    The Lord of the Rings Online™: Shadows of Angmar™ Captain is a healing/support/pet melee character. How’s that for hybridization? They’re also an off-tank and secondary DPS, to complete the set. Their abilities include heals, heal-over-time, heal when an enemy dies, and mark an enemy so that dealing damage to it heals you. This last ability seems most like what you’re talking about, with a twist: everyone heals himself based on his DPS, rather than healing based on how much damage the Captain outputs.

  8. syncaine says:

    Yea I play a Captain in LoTRO, but the healers in WAR are just different. In LoTRO you still spec a Captain either to heal, support, or dps. Focusing on healing hurts the dps/support aspect. I think the idea of a melee healer is not exactly new, it just works better in WAR then in other games. Boosting one aspect helps everything else, instead of hurting it like in other games.

    That healing mark in LoTRO is also not a new idea (I think a pali in WoW has a similar ability), the problem is, the mark is a side bonus at best, and won’t keep anyone alive who is being focus fired. The ‘healing combo’ in WAR is a huge amount of healing, that only gets bigger as you increase your dps.

    It’s tough to really describe I guess, but play a warrior priest and you will instantly feel the difference. It makes you WANT to dps in order to heal.

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