Warhammer Open Beta mini-report.

Preview weekend plus took place the last few days, and today is the first day of Open Beta for Warhammer Online. Unlike the first preview weekend, Mythic did not slip in a last minute gamebreaker like borked NPC pathing, and the game played closer to what is expected when WAR goes live. It was not perfect, as at times NPCs became ‘stuck’ and invulnerable, but this could be fixed by moving away and letting the NPC chase after you. Annoying, yes, but not gamebreaking. I’m also guessing this is something that will easily be fixed before WAR goes live.

I got a chance to play with Keen and Graev’s guild, Happy Fun Guyz, on the Chrace server, and also squared off against a few Casualties of War members in scenario play. I was playing a squig herder, mostly just to test the pet pathing, and I’m happy to report it worked without issue. I still got the feeling the squig herder was slightly underpowered in RvR, but I only got to Rank 9. In PvE the SH worked well, thanks to the squig pet being such a good tank, and the fact that the SH could run and gun if needed.

While having access to Open Beta is nice, I just want the week to hurry up and end, Sunday to arrive, and create my live characters. Only a week!

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5 Responses to Warhammer Open Beta mini-report.

  1. Mikejl says:

    We may have meet a few times in the Greenskin / Dwarf scenario. If so .. good fight. CoW Dwarf Iron Breaker named Stoutly.

    I am one who is not playing my planned main area (Greenskins) till live so I find myself excited for the head start to go.

  2. syncaine says:

    Indeed, I believe you brained my little goblin a few times, damn OP Ironbreaker :)

    I’ll be doing the same once I get my second comp back Tuesday, gonna play Dwarves just to check them out, as I have no real plans to play a dwarf live.

  3. sid67 says:

    I had several UI type errors and bugs. Really quirky stuff where things jumped around, or stayed on the screen too long and so forth.

    That invulnerable mob thing left a real bad taste in my mouth. I found it WAY more frustrating than the pathing issue. It was particularly frustrating during PQs when the boss mob bugged out and we weren’t able to complete Stage 3. This happened in three separate cases and we just had to wait out the timer. In most PQs, you don’t care if you have an idiot in the area. But if said idiot won’t stop attacking the bugged mob and prevents the rest of us from resetting it – well, that’s frustrating. I agree it’s not game breaking, but this bothered me a lot more than the mob pathing.

    My impression was that this was the first time a number of new features were patched into the game and it borked some things. It felt like they had a stable environment and the addition of new stuff sent some expected bug ripples throughout the program. It’s the type of thing that gets fixed, but I have to admit that it’s mildly concerning with head start less than a week away.

    Darren said over at Common Sense Gamer that they needed a few more months. I don’t know about that, but a few more weeks would make sense. It’s understandable that it’s still beta – but it also still FEELS like beta.

  4. syncaine says:

    Yea I guess it depended on who was in your PQ. We had the first PQ in the greenskin area bug on the final boss, but people just moved back and the mob moved. PQ was finished as normal. Same thing happened in a later PQ, and again people just moved back.

    I don’t think I had any of the UI stuff, but again I did not play for a long time. I did notice the ToK had a nice UI upgrade, especially the pop-up on screen stuff.

    I also look at the open beta more as a stress test than a beta test. In that regard, WAR did really well, with servers staying up and lag being non-existent. Tough to say if the NPC issues are major problems, or just some bit of code that needs to be tweaked.

  5. Mikey58 says:

    Just be thankfull you are not in EU – open beta has been a flaming car wreck so far and no end in sight. I think we need a special in-game item – t-shirt “I survived GOA account validation” if we ever do get in the game.

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