My thoughts on the Disciple of Khaine.

Having now played my Disciple of Khaine to rank 16, I think it’s a good time to do a little class write-up and let everyone know how the class plays, what it does well, and what are the current weaknesses.

The Disciple of Khaine (DoK) is a dual wielding Dark Elf melee healer. Your attacks (up to Rank 16 remember) consist of a double sword slash, a bleed, a strength leech (you gain an equal amount of strength that you remove from the enemy), a conditional single target snare attack, and a channeling, multi-hit combo that heals while you deal damage. As for healing itself, you have an insta-cast HoT and a 1.5 second cast HoT. For moral abilities, rank one is either an insta-cast single target big heal, or an insta-cast life drain. Rank two you get a point-blank AoE damage skill that also heals you and your group for the amount of damage dealt.

The DoK is the Destruction version of the Warrior Priest, and both share some, but not all abilities. Where the WP used a slow two hander, the DoK dual wields swords. Both have the option to carry a stats-only offhand, which servers to boost your healing at the expense of dps. The DoK falls somewhere between squishy armor and tank armor, and also between the dps-focused classes and the support/tank/healing classes in terms of damage.

In solo combat, the DoK is a beast, able to solo any class in the game other than a warrior priest, which results in a no death draw. The reason for this is that the DoK never runs out of healing as long as you are dealing damage, and the HoTs will keep you up regardless of who you are fighting. Only hero level NPCs at the same level will give you trouble, as soloing champion mobs is a breeze with the DoK. That said, a DoK goes down quickly if the incoming damage is higher than the healing of your HoTs, and as you don’t have a non-HoT heal (other than the moral ability), you can’t do much to give yourself burst healing. This same strength/weakness carries over to healing a tank. If the tank is taking more damage than your HoTs add up to, there is little a DoK can do to reverse this. On the other hand, if you ARE able to keep up, you can heal a tank for an infinite amount of time. What this means is that a DoK does very well in Public Quests, as you only need a tank class to handle the hero mob in phase 3, and eventually you can grind it down.

Playing a DoK in RvR is rather tricky. On the one hand, you need to be on the front line to do your job, but on the other hand focus fire melts you. Finding just the right moment to engage is key, as it must be after your tanks have draw attention, but not so long that you can’t support them with your HoTs and melee combo heal. The strength leech is also a very nice debuff to cut a hero mobs DPS down a bit, and give yourself or your tank a nice dps boost, perfect for holding agro. With some support, a DoK in scenarios does very well, keeping his team up while also dealing his fair share of damage. Simply put, you can’t ignore a DoK hitting you, but without focus fire you won’t be able to bring one down.

I’m really enjoying playing the DoK, and the mix of dps and healing is spot on. You never get the ‘heal bot’ feeling, and the dps is high enough that you can’t be ignored. The class also has some utility with buffs/debuffs/auras, but again in moderation so as not to become a buff-bot. Mythic created a great hybrid class, without the usual ‘jack of all trades, master of none’ that most hybrids suffer from. Hopefully the class remains interesting up to and during Rank 40, but so far so good!

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9 Responses to My thoughts on the Disciple of Khaine.

  1. Thallian says:

    I really enjoyed mine in the beta… definitely a good class to play.

  2. H00LiGAN says:

    Love my DoK. But I don’t think people realize just how difficult it can be to play one correctly. It’s all about picking your spots.

  3. Sarzan says:

    Do you not have any issues with the other healing classes? So far in playing my AM, a 1v1 deep into T2 content, DoK confrontantions usually end in a draw. It seems I can outlast most classes and win save for draws (other healers) or the occasional Witch or smart Sorceress.

    I do expect that to change once most of the classes get their version of a healing nerf ability in T3… Heck alot of it is begining to change with the myriad of Knockdowns, Knockbacks, Silences and other abilities that are now becoming available to most classes ;)

  4. Relmstein says:

    I play a Warrior-Priest and have to admit that I’m curious about the differences between them and the DoK. I noticed that I can also solo any other class in the game except Disciple of Khaines and Black Orcs. Fighting a Disciple of Khaine usually ends in a stalemate like you described. However, Black Orcs seem to be able to kill me in one on one battles unlike the other Destruction tanks. Is there also a particular Order tank that is the DoK weakness? Or is there something buggy with the Black Orc self heal as some people say?

  5. syncaine says:

    Hmm not sure, because I also have a WP, and I never noticed BO being a problem (other than taking next to forever to kill). No Order class, including tanks, give me much trouble 1v1. The DoK is just utterly imbalanced in 1v1, but WAR never aimed for that balance.

    The main difference is that the DoK has a bleed, while the WP has an initiative debuff (the hammer icon skill, I think it’s an Init debuff?), which I think is a win for the DoK, as the DoT is more dps than the debuff.

    The other major difference is dual wielding vs 2h, it just seems the DoK deals more damage thanks to that. Maybe it’s just a perception thing, never actually seen or done the math.

  6. Anjin says:

    This is the problem that I have with WAR. I’ve already rolled an Archmage, a Sorceress, a Witch Elf, and a Witch Hunter, and now you’re making me want to try something else. Can someone tell me which classes suck so I don’t have to roll them all?

  7. Relmstein says:

    I’m sure we’ll get damage meters in the game sooner or later and someone will claim one or the other deals more damage. It makes sense for the Disciple of Khaine to deal more damage if they aren’t as defense based as the Warrior-Priests. I know I can easily tank Champions who are a level or two above me and I’m not sure the DoK can do the same.

    I hear the pet classes still need some work even with that last patch making their pets less retarded. I would avoid them.

  8. Dual-wielding is for sissies. :p

    Loving my Warrior Priest as well.

  9. Nhilisstra says:

    As a DoK, I can easily defeat champions one or two levels above …

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