Grab a torch and join the idiot mob.

I like the color blue.

Half the internet now thinks I hate the color red.

Seriously, that seems to be the way things work now. Mark Jacobs makes a post talking about NEW things coming to WAR in the near future, and half the readers glaze over it and feel it’s a (everyone’s favorite) ‘slap in the face’. “No mention of lag, clearly no solution to the lag is EVA coming!11!1!!one!1”

How informative would the post have been if all Mark said was “we have people working on improving client performance and server stability, enjoy”? Torches would have been lit and the idiot mob would be out demanding solutions to whatever their current problem is. We know they are working on improving the client; all MMO teams are constantly working on that. You have to be truly delusional to think a new game is going to have the same level of fixes and tweaks that an MMO out for 4-5 years has. It’s also delusional to think you can just drop everything, and get every single worker tweaking server performance. Joe the plumber won’t fix the lag, even if he spends all 250k+ of his plumber income on it. The best the art team can do is draw you a picture of a stable server, but somehow I don’t think that will really be all that helpful.

Reactions like this, and I know it’s not the first time in MMO history, remind me why most developers don’t like communicating with fans. No matter what you say, the idiot mob is going to find something to bitch about, no matter how off-topic it might be.

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  1. Solidstate says:

    > You have to be truly delusional to think a new game is going to have the same level of fixes and tweaks that an MMO out for 4-5 years has.

    People are complaining about WAR being a pain in the ass to play due to multiple lag and technical issues, some of which related to lag (spells not working, collision detection sometimes not working, etc.). True I’m reading this in blogs but this is coming from more than one place.

    That is *way* past the level of “tweaks”. I’m also guessing people don’t want to wait 4-5 years for these issues to be fixed.

  2. Snafzg says:

    I think the biggest issue is that he called it a “State of oRvR” update, which led many people to believe that it would encompass a lot more than just NEW features they plan to put in.

    Can you fault the players for looking at the bigger picture? RvR incentives are great but if your endgame is faulty, what’s the point?

  3. mandrill says:

    It is always the way of things that the vocal minority who make these complaints are usually only a fraction of the playerbase. Yes they are idiots and its up to us more rational types to chip in constructively when necessary but otherwise to leave the devs to do what they’re good at and trust that they are aware of problems that need fixed.
    A sensible person searches the forums for posts relating to the thing he has an issue with and if there are already posts up about it he either adds his 2 cents to the thread or doesn’t bother posting. The idiots don’t bother searching and just post the first “OMG WTF LAG SUXXORZ!!!1!!!!oneone!!” inanity that srings forth from their fevered brain and then expect it to be fixed immediately.
    These people need to get a grip and realise that the years of training and experience that the devs have does not mean that they can instantly fix every issue and will weigh up the issue’s importance alongside other issues. Posting an unitelligible rant on a game’s forums is not going to get you taken seriously, even if your problem is a serious one.
    I ignore most of the forums for the games I play and I don’t blame devs for doing the same, though I pity the guy who has to read them to filter out the dross.

  4. syncaine says:

    Fixing collision detection would be a tweak, it more or less works as is right now. It could be better, but it works right now.

    And the client lag issue is a case by case basis. This is not AoC, EQ2, or Vanguard at launch, where basically no one could play the game at a reasonable level, and those games needed some major patching to get anything near acceptable FPS.

    WAR works on the vast majority of computers today, and as always, those stuck with some issues are being vocal about it, plus doing the usual job of exaggerating. As for the rate of fixes, already the client has seen more improvement than most MMOs to date. Remember how long it took Blizzard to fix the beyond ridiculous looting issue at launch? Ironforge was a lag shitshow for how many years? How many months did it take for EQ2 to go above 10 FPS? Is the Vanguard engine working yet?

  5. syncaine says:

    Mark did not call it a “State of oRvR”, that was a error by whoever updated the herald title of the post. It’s still Mythic, so you can lay blame, but what was written was not a “State of the Game” update, and when you actually read it, it comes off nothing like one.

  6. brindle says:

    As best I can tell, myself and every single lvl 40 who participates in daily pvp on Ostermark thought the message from Mark was uesless and would do nothing to fix Warhammer. Every day I see fewer and fewer faces as they leave the game.

    On Ostermark, and as best I can tell on virtually every server, the oPvP issue are:

    1. it is nearly impossible to lock zones under the current VP system, no one is ever going to see a city raid, and probably not see a fortress in their lifetimes. On top of that, the current system encourages the ‘defender’ to abandon tightly contested zones to avoid giving VPs for death to the other side.

    2. no one wants to grind PvE to do PvP. Doing PQs, quest, etc to lock a zone defeats the purpose of getting people fighting inside the zone.

    3. the only decent way to gain renown is flipping BO’s once you are even barely above the renown curve. Renown has very little boost in power/skill but give high renown players a huge disincentive to pvp players. One BO = 1000 renown or around literally 700 player kills. this encourages you to allow enemy to take BOs so you can flip them.

    3. people (especially those who played daoc wanted realm vs realm action, not playing the same mini-game (SP) over and over. Does anyone serious plan to pay $15 month to play SP 6 times a night?

    4. there is little for a lvl 40 to do beside hop around the contested zones trading the same BO’s and Keeps since there is no dynamic campaign due to point 1. Once every 3 days you can spend a few hours in IC dungeons trying to get ward sets that have stat worse than the stuff you wore when you were lvl 30.

    None of Mark’s changes/memo addressed these issues. Just more add even more grindy rewards like tome unlock etc for being in ORvR.

    IMO the only way to fix oRvR is to completely get rid of the current VP system. Make it simple, make it dynamic, and make it want players to be in RvR. Just simply awarding VP’s every 5 minutes to any side that controlled all BOs/Keeps in a zone would solve a lot the problems.

  7. Snafzg says:

    Regardless, it did set an unfair expection on both parties.

    I still stand by my original convictions though. They seem to be completely ignoring some of the major issues we’re having with the endgame based on their lack of communication. Given that they’re usually very communicative, they have set an expectation with their customers of continued communication.

    It’s great that they are adding these incentives. How hard is it to toss us a few sentences that aren’t buried XX pages deep in a forum thread that they are also dealing with the issues that are frustrating us on a daily basis?

  8. syncaine says:

    They have been making changes to the campaign. They changed the value of scenarios, increased the importance of keeps/obj, and changed how the overall scoring works. Clearly they still need to make further changes, but it’s not like the system has been ignored since day one.

    It’s also not clear whether the whole system needs major changes, or whether one minor tweak straightens everything out. You just don’t know without seeing how everything plays out, and that’s what they are doing. I prefer that method over the heavy buff/nerf/buff/nerf patching they did with DAoC.

  9. Saylah says:

    I think that you’re minimizing some of the strange aspects of the game behavior. Even if it’s not everyone the issues mentioned related to lag, collision detection, spells working inconsistently etc., are real, pressing and game alterating for players who face them every-single-time-they-play.

    Personally, I just don’t want them to miss the forrest for the trees because no matter how many more people they get out to do oRVR, it doesnt address some of the fundamental game mechnics they dont behave consistently. And these types of failures/issues are even more pronounced in oRVR/PVP than in a controlled PVE situation.

  10. Shiro says:

    I chuckled at the art division’s contribution.


  11. Gorefang says:

    Seems to be a group of players/blogers who get mad on a few things of WAR. so they will quit, threaten to quit (like that means anything). Go back to WoW / LOTRO / Hello Kitty Online .. and after two months their will start the same process.
    All the cool kids are ragging on WAR now. Guess I got join. Naaa I’ll stay uncool and keep having fun in WAR.

  12. sid67 says:

    Ironically, I thought some of the PvE things in the oRvR areas that he mentioned will be some of the best improvements they can make to oRvR. One of the things thats missing in WAR, even on Open servers, is spontaneous PvP.

  13. Centuri says:

    My experience with Mythic is that what is not talked about or mentioned that you need to pay attention to.

    I am sure we can all think of other things that were just not talked about or mentioned (4/6 cities and 4 classes) and then only later did we find out they were cut. If they had some mircale anti-lag patch up thier sleaves they would mention it.

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