A message for Tobold

Dear Tobold,

If you make one more QQ post, I will be forced to cancel my account and stop reading your blog. I did not sign up to read about your emotions or personal opinions, I just want (whatever the hell people expect from a blog), and nothing else. Furthermore, if am I being a little emo asshat, I fully expect you to take the abuse as I post an anonymous comment on your blog, as again I’m a paying customer and the customer is always right. Finally, I expect high quality post each and ever day, and won’t tolerate days without content. You owe us!

Thank you,

Assholes of the Internet

Fame has its price I guess, even within our own little MMO blog world. We will miss you anon cowards, back to the official forums you go.

About SynCaine

Former hardcore raider turned casual gamer.
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5 Responses to A message for Tobold

  1. Bonedead says:

    Holy shit he said fuck.

  2. Mallika says:

    Hehe Syncaine, that was awesome. :)

  3. Hudson says:

    Well, he does QQ a lot about that priest nerf…and it is a little dumb, but we all QQ on our blogs

  4. Yeebo says:

    90% of my comments on Tobold’s blog were anon because I couldn’t be bothered to fill in the extra fields to log into my g-mail account. It’s not as if I get a cookie or something for my posts. No-one really cares whether “anonymous asshat #10” or “Yeebo” says something at Tobold’s.

    I was never cowardly, merely lazy.

    Hmmm, I think that would go well on a tombstone . . .

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