I’m in!

Finally after a full week of attempts, I got my Darkfall account today.

I can already taste the delicious carebear QQ tears.

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12 Responses to I’m in!

  1. Thallian says:

    Kill them all dead, then find them and kill them again! Send em crying back to Warcraft with their tails between their legs ;)

  2. H00LiGAN says:

    I wish there was a way that we could track how many people you make quit the game.

  3. Bonedead says:

    Haha, obligatory, I got in to DF blog post. Looks a lot like mine heh! I guess the ordering process has that effect on people.

  4. LurbyJo says:

    *sob* I don’t even know when the store is online! All I want it to wolf those sheep to death and I’m DENIED! *sniffle*

  5. Stropp says:

    Congrats! :) Be sure to let us know how it all goes!

  6. skarbd says:

    Getting an account is like a mini game, how clever are Adventurine. Sense of achievement already achieved and you haven’t even created a character yet.

  7. Tobold says:

    Sorry, the last carebear left Darkfall yesterday, actually you got his spot on the server. Now there are only PKers left who will repeatedly gank you until you cry. ;)

  8. Einherjer says:

    I think the only problem that will happen in Darkfall is if they cannot stop cheating.

    From what I saw in a cheating website, there are already speed hacks and teleportation mods for Darkfall.

    If there is a guild that uses them, of course all the other guilds will have to use it too, let alone the losers who will cheat just to grieve others.

  9. mm says:

    I bet your experience will be like my old one when I first logged on to UO pre-Trammel. UO had been out for quite some time, so alot of people were skilled up and bored since there was no real questing of end-game objective. My experience was:

    1. log on
    2. appear in the world
    3. killed by a PKer’s arrow or spear withing 3 seconds
    4. ghost mode
    5. finally rez
    6. return to step #3 and loop 10 times
    7. log off in disgust
    8. Try Sierra’s The Realm and seek therapy for my UO foray

    Good luck with that. The lack of quests or any real content will bore people eventually. That’ll drive them to ganking newbies since we know people rarely prefer a fair fight where the ego could be bruised by losing.


  10. syncaine says:

    See now MM we know you are lying, no half-decent PK would ever use a spear in UO…

    Einherjer: They just banned a bunch of accounts/guilds for using hacks. With only one server, it’s fairly easy to monitor it and pick up on that stuff. We will see how it all goes going forward though.

  11. mm says:

    In my defense, it was ages ago. The graphics were so poor, all I could see was some dash-shaped thingy flying at me and I was dead…over and over and over.

    After about 45 minutes of the “take a step…get ganked” routine, I logged for the day. I did try getting on again several nights in a row, but my experience never changed.

    I think if I want to play a game with rampant killing of players where there are no restrictions on who can come over to you and kill you, I’d rather play a FPS. That way, when I jump on, I stand a fighting chance since there isn’t any level or skill point disparity. Plus, death only costs you a few seconds of respawn time.

  12. syncaine says:

    UO had sweet graphics for 1997 :)

    But to each his own. I never experienced that in UO from day one. Sure I ran into PKs and did some PKing of my own, but you could not do that in the starting areas because of town guards. DF is similar I guess, in that you can be ganked outside of the starter towns. But just because it’s possible does not mean it actually happens. Just in my 30 minutes last night, I was in the starting goblin area, and the only thing that killed me where the NPC goblins themselves, and I saw 10-12 players in and around the area, some clearly in decent gear.

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