EVE: What to implant…?

CCP manages to make even the act of giving out gifts an interesting gameplay decision. Other studios should take note.

Along with a long list of ‘stuff’ to select, CCP has also given out two implants recently, both of them a +3 boost to a stat along with a 1.5% bonus to CPU and Capacitor. If you plug in both implants you get a set bonus.

Now +3 to a stat is decent-enough, but it is a significant step down from the top-end +5 implants. Of course those don’t give the other bonuses, which then raises the question: would you rather have more CPU/Cap, or train skills faster?

For me this is a tough one. On the one hand, at 27m and 21m SP on my two pilots, I have plenty of needed training left. On the other, my CNR could really use more CPU, and more Capacitor is always a good thing. Because I play daily, the option to have a training clone (all +5 implants) and a combat/whatever clone won’t work for me.

I’m leaning towards the +3 implants. Any bittervets have some thoughts?

Note: The reason my CNR is having CPU issues is because I use an XL shield booster, rather than a medium booster like I often see in other fits. I’m also still using T2 ballistic units rather than faction ones (that whole not-enough-ISK thing). I like the XL booster because it provides a great “oh shit” fallback if you need to pop a few scramming frigs and get out of a mission. I’m sure that once I finish up some training, and get some more faction mods into it, that will become less of an issue, but for now the XL stays.

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9 Responses to EVE: What to implant…?

  1. Serpentine Logic says:

    Unless you need the bonuses as well as normal implant bonuses then keep them, don’t implant them.

    There are already +cpu, +cap and +grid implants available for ~25M isk or so.

    What’s important about the CA-1 and CA-2 implants are that they stack with the regular implants.

    Or alternatively, sell your implants on the contract market and buy as many regular implants as you want.

    • SynCaine says:

      I already have the slot 6 CPU implant for launchers. Still need more CPU. The thing about these is you are getting more CPU from the stat slots (1-5), not the 6-10 slots you would normally get it from.

      Unless I’m totally missing something here…?

      • Serpentine Logic says:

        No, you’re exactly right. The key selling point about CA-1 and CA-2 is not that they give great bonuses, but that they give bonuses in implant slots that generally don’t provide boosts.

  2. watersrog says:

    There’s also an attribute remap which, in my opinion, is way more valuable than any other gifts on the list (they are 50M ISK or so tops).

  3. watersrog says:

    Nevermind my last comment.

    I’d go for +5 (or +4 stats implants) and solve fitting problems in other ways. +3 is a bit low for my taste, especially when affecting Int and Per.

  4. Stabs says:

    I don’t know how much pvp you’re doing, Sync, but implant management when your character is in danger changes things. There’s a skill called Informorph psychology which allows you to install jump clones. There are also some weird rules regarding jump clones but there’s a jump clone service corp that you can join for a day, set your clones, then leave if having trouble.

    This allows you to have the following setup:

    One head full of implants that you wear while doing safe stuff.

    One medium risk head with maybe just 2 attribute implants for low sec/wormhole/highsec pvp (where you can probably escape in the pod if you lose your ship)

    One empty head for dangerous things like nullsec.

    Makes life a lot easier and gives a value to the mid level implants.

    Still as the others have said for your Christmas gift you’re probably best with the remap.

  5. loire says:

    Option 3) Get CA-1 and CA-2 on every alt. Hold for 6 months to a year when half of the market will have been destroyed, sell at a profit.

  6. Raelyf says:

    Use the +5s. Your choice is basically a better fit (ie, a little bit of extra dps = a little bit faster mission running = a little bit more isk/hr) or extra skill points. You can’t put a price on skill points.

    Plug the implants into a pvp clone. That’s an area where a couple percent of fitting room can completely change the ship and the way you fly it.

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