Final word on the Eurogamer slander piece.

Game. Set. Match.

Well played Aventurine. Good luck to that hack Ed Zitron in pursuing his career as a writer, and good luck to Eurogamer, your name and site now being the punch line of a joke among gamers. Hope the short traffic spike was worth your reputations and credibility being reduced to that of a common forum troll.

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28 Responses to Final word on the Eurogamer slander piece.

  1. fizzlebixx says:

    Oh please, that dev guy is one whiny little bitch.

  2. Tulane says:

    Yeah, I don’t think either party handled the situation well.

  3. I think Eurogamer will be just fine.

  4. Argon says:

    For the creators of a hard core game they are pretty whiny. Maybe they should go back to WoW instead of making a computer game.

  5. 24/7 Miller Drinker says:

    To the people who see Aventurine coming off looking whiny in this–I do get where you’re coming from. It doesn’t make sense to an adult with some real-world experience that a professional reviewing organization could be _that_ far off base with their review. Seems like any old case of a mediocre product maybe being given a slightly harsh review, but then a thin-skinned creator taking it way too seriously.

    But–that review truly does misrepresent Darkfall to a level that’s almost shocking. A review of the game, conducted in accordance with conventional standards of professional objectivity, should find very definable criteria on which Darkfall may be compared to others of its kind. When reviewed in this manner, Darkfall compares quite favorably to other games.

  6. Bonedead says:


    What do I do?

    How do I cast spells?


  7. michael, St Erroneous says:

    I like my fiction dark and sarcastic, so I rather enjoyed the review.

    I love DarkfallCorp’s “Our refusal; we’re doing it for Kieron’s sake” angle. That’s very… sweet of them.

  8. dmosbon says:

    It’s a little over the top, blimey 1 review & they can’t sleep at night!

  9. unwize says:

    Aww, I hope we still get the re-review from Kieron Gillen.

  10. Snafzg says:

    I’m surprised we haven’t seen any legal action taken on this yet. All three parties have potential libel cases depending on who the evidence favours.

  11. Dathmar says:

    “We hope these can be our final thoughts on this topic.”
    …so do I.

    I know its a poor review (poor in the sense its far too one sided) but what is professional is not to moan about all this on your own forums.

  12. heartless_ says:

    A review from Kieron is the best thing that could happen to Darkfall and Aventurine’s refusal for a new review shows they just wanted to bitch, not actually get a “real” review. Aventurine needs to watch My Name is Earl, because Karma has come back and bitch slapped them wonderfully :)

  13. syncaine says:

    All of you claiming they should just let it go, if someone at your job slandered you and you got fired because of it, you would just take it and walk out huh? Even though you have evidence to show otherwise right in front of you?

    I’m not sure about you, but I don’t call the guy who speaks up the bitch in that situation.

  14. Einherjer says:

    Most of the commenters here are a perfect example of The Internet Fuckwad Theory…

  15. Einherjer says:

    No matter what Tazos would’ve said, some people, god knows why, just want darkfall to fail. So any reason is good to spread the shit on the internet. But of course, the fanbois and haters here are the darkfall players…

  16. Pwnd Puppy says:

    Here’s something else to remember: Eurogamer has a nice long description of what that 2 out of 10 means. The following inflammatory and insulting words are effectively part of the review. I’m rather proud to see Aventurine stand up for itself when attacked like this.

    Two – about as entertaining as ‘flu

    Avoid at all costs – this is less entertaining than setting fire to a ten-pound note. You’ll have barely ever seen a 2/10 on EG – and for very good reason. A game this bad almost certainly won’t reach our eyes, because publishers generally know better than to send games of this standard to us in the first place. In many cases these are your typical “straight to budget” titles that no sane publisher would try and release at full price, and they certainly wouldn’t want us to rip them to shreds in public.

    What you’re facing here is a game with appalling generic visuals built around an awful design, cursed with cretinous AI, brain-frying audio and controls that feel like they’ve been designed to upset people or boost sales of replacement game pads. It could just be that the game is just so hideously old fashioned that someone has released the game by mistake. Who knows what goes through the minds of people who feel the need to try and sell crap? Pity them, and pity the fools that stock it and more so the morons that end up buying it without checking first.

  17. Thoms says:

    Darkfall… so hardcore that even it’s developers are whining

  18. starburn says:

    When did a bad review become slander? If I write a review slating the next Miley Cyrus single or the next mind-numbing hollywood ‘blockbuster’ film, can I be accused of slander too?

    Where does that stop – the courts?

  19. Anonymous says:

    Urgh… get over it man, its one__bad__review ffs.

    If the game is as great as you make out syncaine, there will be good reviews that balance this out so why do you give a shit what some hack site like Eurogame says?

    Reviews are largely irrelevant to any gamer that knows his/her stuff and has been around a while as you should well know. If you like the game, go play it. Its the EG readers loss if they decide to pass on Darkfall based on some hacks review at the end of the day.

    Besides, I thought the game had/has a healthy population already hence restricting game sales? So who really cares if a few people pass on the game. In todays “I want it now” internet age, spamming F5 refreshing a page to try and buy a copy is going to put more people off the game than some shitty review.

    Get some perspective..

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  21. Bonedead says:

    Are you forgetting the part where the review is littered with lies? It’s not just some guy not liking the game, it’s some guy not playing the game, saying that he did, and writing a bunch of made up BS with some crybaby comments thrown in for good measure.

  22. willee says:

    Forget it people. For some strange incomprehensible reason a large portion of the mainstream mmorpg crowd have made it their mission in life to talk shit about Darkfall whenever the opportunity arises. For them this is a golden opportunity. It doesn’t matter if the review is littered with lies and the guy played the game for 3 hours, with half that time spent in character selection, and that this review is published on a major gaming website which is picked up by many other major websites and completely misrepresents the game to thousands of potential subs. All that matters is this gives those people a chance to dump some more on a video game they have some weird nerd rage over yet oddly enough never played, and dump they will.

    Reminds me of A couple of real good reviews get posted by some people who have played the game for a long time, very in depth and actually based in facts…yet many of the posters over there rip those reviews to shreds and even rip the editor of mmorpg for actually giving so much coverage to this obviously shit game (even though all those reviews say otherwise). Then this review comes out and they cling to it like it’s the holy bible, forget that its riddled with factual innacuracies and reads like a biased carebear post filled with emo-rage. I don’t get it either…but that’s the internet for you.

    Although it will hurt them initially, if the game is good and continues to improve this review really won’t matter in the end.

  23. Paragus says:


    I know very well about what you said regarding because I am the guy who wrote most of them. I have been called every dirty name in the book for writing about the game by trolls. The fact remains that there is a huge interest in Darkfall and solid information about it. It is one of the most clicked on games on their site.

    The forums there are littered with people who are invested somehow in the seeing the game fail. Most of the people who bash the game there admittedly have never played it, and have a post history of gushing over WoW, WAR, LOTRO, and the like.

    The irony is that the hate people express towards the game only further fuels the interest in it. Without the trolls spewing their hate, the game would not be as popular as it is now.

  24. michael, St E says:

    Syncaine: “All of you claiming they should just let it go”

    Isn’t that what the post you just linked to show them as (finally) deciding to do?

  25. willee says:

    @Paragus, the only correction i’d make to your post is that it isn’t only MMORPG forums littered with the Darkfall trolls, it’s pretty much any mmorpg-related forum out there covering the game, including Darkfall’s own official forums.

    It’s just a very strange phenomena…i don’t get it. Is it because Tasos hyped his game from time to time and didn’t deliver on every design item he ever discussed? Stop the pressess…a dev is hyping his game and didn’t deliver on 100% of everything he may have discussed over the last 6 years!! Egads! Burn him at the stake!! /shrug

    Anyway…it’s just very strange. Do fans of Wow and other “somewhat easier to play” games feel threatened that something like this might be popular? It sounds ridiculous i know but i don’t know how else to explain the overwhelming hate that many people who have never actually played the game (like one Ed Zitron) actually have for it. It just defies reason.

    by the way, great job on the reviews. You talk about many aspects of the game i haven’t even engaged in yet and do a great job explaining how the game is working, even the political aspect which can be very confusing. kudos

  26. Paragus says:

    Thanks man. Every developer fails to deliver everything they say, it has happened since the start of the genre. Go find the original box to Everquest 1 and flip it over, on the back it says it has 5 continents, it only came with 3. Did it make it any less of a classic MMO? The fact is Darkfall as it is today, has a lot more features than the majority of MMOs we have seen in the last 4-5 years.

  27. endologitrol says:

    That was a GOOD review of Darkfall. Game sucks guys. Get over it. You’re lucky it got more than a 1. At best, it’s a 4 and I honestly believe that if eurogamer were paid off, that the most they could stand to raise it to would be 5.
    You play a game for a few hours, the controls suck. Why do you keep playing? Darkfall is the MMO equivalent to Superman 64. Nobody who hated Superman 64 beat the game! It was just too intolerable! ALL THE RINGS! The clunky controls! It sucked and Darkfall sucks. That’s the final word.

  28. LOLmonkey says:

    I think the only joke among the gaming community is Darkfall, actually.

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