Frigate Tournament = Good times.

Over the weekend my Alliance held a frigate tournament, open to all and in a FFA format. The rules stated you could use any tech 1 frigate with tech 1 fittings, named fittings were allowed. We flew out to a low sec sector to avoid Concord, and got ready to do battle.

I personally brought a Merlin, fitted with two 150mm rails and two rocket launchers, along with a webbefier, afterburner, a small shield extender, and an invulnerability field. The low slots contained two of those speed increase fittings (someone remind me what those are called again). Looking back, it was not exactly a killer fitting. My reasoning for it was that most of my skill points are invested in hybrid turrets, and at the time I’ve only trained Caldari frigates, so my options were somewhat limited. That and I have NO clue how to PvP in EVE yet. Soon enough, soon enough…

At just over 5 million skill points in total, I was far below the other participants, some being pilots from as far back as 2004. Still, I did not have that ‘no chance’ feeling, as we were all using frigates and t1 fittings, which leveled the playing field considerable. As my Corp had three pilots in the ‘FFA’, we decided to team up and go after the other three pilots, figuring that would give us the best chance to survive, and perhaps pull out a victory.

Things started off on a rather poor note, as one of our pilots got instantly blasted. I locked on to our first target, a Kestrel, and tossed a web on him. Hitting the afterburner, I opened fire while circling him. The damage from my rockets was disappointing, as I have very low missile skills, but my two 150mm railguns were getting in some nice hits on the slowed ship, and soon enough the Kestrel was a floating wreck with a pod near it.

As I locked onto the next target, my shield was at about 50%, so I was in decent shape all things considered. The next target was a Merlin, and he was already into armor by the time I had him locked. I quick web and a few seconds later his ship was another wreck floating in space. At this point it was down to just me and the real powerhouse of the fight, a highly skilled PvP pilot in a Rifter. After a few shots from my turrets, I was looking at my wreck of a Merlin from my pod, my armor and hull getting eating at a disturbing rate.

Overall the event was a success, and I think everyone had a great time. Our next planned event is another frigate tourney, although the rules are slightly modified to allow only standard t1 fittings, no named ones. This not only brings down the cost considerably, but further levels the playing field, while not overly gimping the strategy options of the participants. Hopefully we get more pilots involved, and we can truly have a massive battle.

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  1. Taris Tyrell says:

    Nice to see you getting in some PvP-Action :) (been following your blog for a long time, think found it through tobolds(too much of a carebear ;)), and finally started playing EVE because of you :) )

    Seems that you had a great time and did fairly well in the tournament and i was really expecting to read that a rifter won, they are just plain and simple the strongest T1 Frig out there: Fastest Frig(best speed+enough midslots to fit both webber and Afterburner; that means, you can always chose your optimal fighting range), can take serious dmg(low signature, enough slots to pack both 200mm plate, repper and a Nosferatu, allowing you to let the repper run for a looong time, while stealing you enemy power to run is booster/repper/guns) and can deal a nice chunk of dmg(3turretslots,ship-dmgbonus, enough slots for gyrostab)

    I had a great time flying a rifter in the last 2-3 Month(im at about 3,7m SP), i was able to start pvping from the very first days (started with a kestrel but changed after some days) and accomplish impressive victories(Battelcruiser solo kill, Intercepterkills, Stealthbomberkill, lots of Hulks and lots of cruisers) people dont expect a pilot with just about 1-2 Month playtime and in noobcorp to really fight them if they fly something bigger than a normal frigate…but with some t2 equipp, faction ammunition and good names it really does stand its ground.

    Eve is really a great game, should have started earlier (always feared that i wouldnt be able to do anything in the first few month because of passiv training, but i was soooo wrong), i never thought i would be able to pvp so early but it is just needed to specialize: I wont set foot into anything other than a Frig (Assault Ship, Interceptor, T1-Frig) until i reached about 5m SP but now i have almost all Skills needed to be a great interceptor-pilot and im able to tackle as good as any 2yo Character in my Corporation. Specialization is absolutely needed in PvP, dont expect to really do anything without T2 Equipp and Ship. People that just train enough to step into a ship but aren’t able to equipp it properly will be absolutely destroyed in every form of pvp…

    Short question: Which regions are u mostly in?

    Heres a link to my Character in a Killboard almost all kills (except a few of the newest kills, which were made as interceptor pilot with my new corp, but now i use the corp-KB) were made in a rifter:

  2. syncaine says:

    My Corp is based out of Ghesis, which is in the Kador region (I think…). I fly out to Amarr (Domain region?) whenever I need to sell fittings and such.

    I’ve been mostly running missions and such, so I’ve not been in any real PvP, mainly because the Corp is an industrial Corp. I’ve focused on getting a decent battleship first, and now that that’s basically done, I think I am going to go back and train up skills to fly a T2 frigate. They are cheap enough that I can afford to lose them if I go out with a few of the more PvP-minded people in our Alliance, and will hopefully give me a fighting chance.

    Glad you picked up EVE and are enjoying it, and it’s nice to read an account of someone jumping right in and getting into PvP so early, with such success. Congrats on that!

  3. mbp says:

    Pretty good going for someone who says they haven’t a clue how to pvp to come 2nd. Well done Syncaine.

    Mind you there is an old brain teaser about a tournament between a crack shot, someone who misses some of the time and some one who misses all of the time. I can’t remember all the details but the poor shot actually ends up with the best chance of winning because the other two try to kill each other off first :D

    Although I am a total carebear myself I love EVE pvp stories. Keep on zapping.

  4. syncaine says:

    Yea that’s basically how I got 2nd, everyone else was too concerned with killing people with actual skill. I’ll take it though, considering I needed the prize money way more than anyone else, haha.

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