Urge to play… fading

I’ve stated all along that one of my favorite aspects of playing an MMO is the continual progression, both from an individual perspective and for the game overall. I like knowing that as I play, I continue to get stronger or learn to play better, and that this ‘counts’ because it happens in a world filled with other characters doing the same.

WoW stopped being worthwhile for me in part because each expansion is a complete reset, and it’s that knowledge that helped to drive me away. In a similar vein, I’m having trouble staying motivated to log into DarkFall as often now, knowing that I will be re-rolling when the US-1 server is released. Knowing what you are doing does not ‘count’ puts a completely different light on a lot of activities, and at least for me, is a good reminder of why exactly I do love the genre.

Take mining for instance. It’s technically a boring activity in DarkFall, as all it requires is finding a node and left-clicking once to start, stopping only when you are out of stamina or feel the need to move on. When it ‘counts’, I have no problem with mining, and actually enjoy it. It’s a way to build wealth, further your crafting, gain some skill/stat points, chat with guildmates, and while the activity itself is simple, knowing you have to stay sharp to avoid PKs keeps it from being a click and walk away activity. It’s fun finding a good spot to mine, one with good resources but not frequented by PKs. That in itself is almost a mini-game. But when it stops counting, when you don’t care about the skill/stat gain, you don’t need the wealth it brings, and your concern for PKs drops to zero, all that’s left is that technically boring activity of a bar filling up and ore being placed in your bag.

So I remove harvesting from my list of DarkFall activities, along with any crafting that I won’t directly use myself, and also trading, since I currently have everything I might need in my bank for the next 1-2 months. What’s left is exploring and PvP. PvP is still fun because the actual combat is great. Missing is that ‘building up’ aspect from gaining gear from a kill, but even without that PvP is a lot of fun, and I’m still getting better at it from a player-skill perspective. The only downside to this is that I’m affected by the memory crash more than most, which can literally get you killed in PvP. Assuming that gets fixed soon, I don’t see myself stopping my regular PvP trips anytime before US-1.

Exploring is also fun, especially given how expansive Agon is, and how many interesting little nooks exist. Considering I’ll likely be rolling a different race, exploring those areas and getting comfortable for US-1 is a nice goal to work towards. Exploring naturally leads to PvP as well, so that’s a plus. The memory crash puts a damper on exploring, especially since it happens more often when traveling long distances, and because crashing while mounted can cost you that mount if you crash in the wrong spot.

So yea, the announcement that I was waiting for, the upcoming release of the US-1 server, has in fact slowed my time in DarkFall, or at least changed up my day-to-day gameplay. When you remove the ‘it counts’ factor from an MMO activity, you remove a major part of why I do it, and if what’s left is in itself not much fun, it limits my options. I am getting close to finishing Puzzle Kingdoms though (early analysis: way too easy), and should have a post up about that at some point.

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  1. Maedhros says:

    I think everyone that is planning on moving to NA-1 is feeling that exact same way. I know my clan is in the “no more skill grinding pure pvp from now on” mode, but even that lacks.

    I am so eager to start on NA-1, but find it hard to play now.

    As for the memory issue, I too had it big time, but last patch seemed to have fixed it for me. Hopefully the next patch will be your silver bullet.

  2. Remastered says:

    Does this mean that we will be seeing a certain DoK and Witch Elf back in the RvR lakes of WAR sometime soon?

  3. syncaine says:

    Aria wants to play again anyway, and LotD is coming soon, so yea, good odds you will. Will I see a certain group of carebears on US-1 when it’s launched?

    • Remastered says:

      Carebears….HA!! We’ve been owning with guild premades in open RvR and scenarios. Hope the return of a subpar DoK won’t hurt us too much…

      • syncaine says:

        Now that you have all farmed the top gear, beating on bluebies…

        Should be fun to return though, just to see what has changed and play with everyone again. Likely we will be online tomorrow.

  4. Centuri says:

    LOL Blubies…there is a term I haven’t seen used in some time.

  5. Melf_Himself says:

    I think it’s funny when people who proclaim themselves to be ‘hardcore PvP’ players are really just loot whores.

  6. trollonfire says:

    Melf_Himselfs’s “Attempted Poisionous Character Assassination Arrow” does 0 points of “people care about his opinion” damage.

    Syncaine’s Broadsword of Epic Sarcasm +5 cuts Melf_Himself in twain.

    /burn corpse in effigy
    /piss on corpse to put out fire

  7. PeZzy says:

    I think Tasos’s announcement to allow transfers to US-1 in the future was really designed to keep people playing on EU-1 for now.

    Allowing tranfers from a heavily exploited server would be the dumbest thing they could do.

  8. Sir Digby Chicken Caesar says:

    If you remove the persistency from a persistent game world – which all mmo worlds are supposed to be – the game becomes less interesting to play.

    You can remove the persistency multiple ways, the most popular being the Blizzard way – doing it with gigantic mudflation where nothing that you’ve done before in the game really matters (ooh, you got the legendary weapon from that demigod that was used to kill that dude with that fancy name in the game lore, well, it’s worse than what these fracking goblins have as green drops now). Or transferring your game content and your players from the persistent game world to non-persistent instances (shame on you, Mythic, for copying the crappiest idea that Blizzard ever came up with to ‘fix’ their pvp).

    Or you can remove the persistency by yourself by deciding to start from the beginning on a new server. I’ve noticed that it usually makes sense to stop playing on the old server while waiting for the new one to open as the game is just so different to play without that aspect of the game in there with you all the time.

  9. Varakkys says:

    Don’t you think that splitting the population by real world geography will just lead to the same old DAoC/WAR problem of ‘hardcore PvPers’ conducting 3am seiges in order to win the prize without having to actually PvP? I’ve always thought one of the strengths of Eve’s single shard universe was that in a large corp/alliance, there’s always someone online to defend your holdings, no matter what timezone the enemy attacks from.

  10. Maedhros says:

    I believe we will be seeing a large number of Europeans that will want to start on a fresh server with no exploits. Hell, we played on theirs.

    I will make a bet here, that within 3 months of NA-1 launch, these things will happen.

    1 – An EU-1 server will be launched
    2 – The former EU-1 server will be renamed Test
    3 – there will never, ever, be transfers of any kind.

  11. syncaine says:

    So many people are looking to transfer though, that going back on that would be a bad move. If they add a skill cap that really pushes players to make choices, and in turn shortens the skill grind (since you can only get so many skill points before you are at the cap), the effect of the transfer won’t be that big a deal.

    @Varakkys: 3am sieges happen now, when a US guild attacks an EU guild, or vice versa. At least when the two sides each have a server, there will be a defined ‘prime time’, and guilds will be identified when they try off-hours sieges. They will still happen, but perhaps not as often.

  12. michael, St Erroneous says:

    “At least when the two sides each have a server, there will be a defined ‘prime time’, and guilds will be identified when they try off-hours sieges. They will still happen, but perhaps not as often.”

    Is the solution to that to recruit more players out of timezone, or form a cross-TZ alliance? Guess that’s EVE-think.

    Are DF cities limited in capacity?

    Is there some form of “no sieging out of primetime” gentlemen’s agreement developing? That seems… strange to me.

  13. syncaine says:

    Yea both cities and hamlets are limited in the number of people who can bind at their stone. EVE-think is will be tough to apply because DF will have multiple servers, while EVE only has one.

    DF being as niche as it is, the community is generally interested in PvP, and would rather fight people over a city than just smash buildings at 4am. Granted not everyone is in that mindframe, but quite a few major alliances are.

  14. Maedhros says:

    Like the alliance you are in? the one that took Aradoth, your current city, at 3AM?

  15. PeZzy says:

    The servers are crashing on a daily basis because of seiges….and most of them are involving guilds that have a large number of North American players. There has been a decrease in active players recently yet the servers still can’t handle seiges. Doesn’t bode well for the new servers.

    On top of that, seiges and seige money are getting lost and Aventurine doesn’t care.

  16. syncaine says:

    @Maedhros: That one, the one that also went after Mar Shrall during prime time. With KFC and CC allied, a small alliance like Afgan had to do what it did to get the city and some warhulks. Without CC, Afgan would have easily sieged KFC during prime and the result would have been the same.

    @Pezzy: Not sure the last time you played, but other than the recent crash due to the CC zerg in a siege, the server has held up in recent events (like MS siege). Same deal for shard sieges, they were a major issue, but lately most shard sieges have gone fine (in terms of the carrier crashing anyway)

  17. Maedhros says:


    They sieged us at 3am, kind of a dick move there.

    They created a dummy guild with 1 member, another dick move.

    How can you defend them? Oh, thats right, they let you use their city and join their alliance.

  18. Beleg says:


    Actually Prancing Dandies has/had 2 members. Get it right :P

    I usually agree with Syncaine’s assessment of Darkfall. His assessment of Darkfall politics, particularly his condemnation of CC/KFC and praise of Afghan and Crew, is biased. So is yours.

    Let’s get the facts straight though — The Afghans do what it takes to win. There is no honor in mercenary lands. It is what it is.

  19. syncaine says:

    I actually don’t get why they used a shell clan for the siege. It’s not like TM or RN had holdings they would be risking when declaring the siege, either way it would have been a shard siege.

  20. Bonedead says:

    3AM EST on an EU server does not equal 3AM in Europe.

  21. Rostam says:

    I think the new server is a bad idea, I would rather see them invest the money in upgrading the capacity of their existing server, reducing the latency for NA players, preventing the server crash during sieges etc.

    This game already depends on player population and to split the existing population means that the world will be even emptier than it is now, it just does not seem wise to me.

    In order to fix the macro-power-gaming problem how about capping Rigor at 50 and anyone above 50 will have their Rigor rolled back and capped at 50. You can do the same for other skills that were exploited (I don’t know about all the skills).

    Also it’s not too late to implement a soft cap for weapon and magic skills only, ie: it would only apply to the sum of your weapon, spell skills and the skills in the General tree. Anyone above the soft cap would face a penalty to their casting similar to the penalty you face for having armor.

  22. Rostam says:

    The problem with the xfers is there are a lot of people that levelled up their skill legitly and by not allowing xfers you will punish them along with the macro’ers and exploiters. There is no way to distinguish the two types of players so the best you can do is to give new players a chance to catch up.

  23. michael, St E says:

    “EVE-think is will be tough to apply because DF will have multiple servers, while EVE only has one.”

    But right now they only have one. Design problems like bind-limits do bring it home that they never really intended to think single-shard “properly.” Which is fair enough. It gives them the ability to create a second shard with a variant rule set, with schismatic world-reinvention. Of course, once they go properly multi-sever they lose some of the impact of “real” game world events, which has driven EVE’s publicity machine so very effectively.

    I think it’s a shame DarkfallCorp never read a certain blogger’s old “EVE Challenge” post back in the day. They might have found it useful. :)

    “DF being as niche as it is, the community is generally interested in PvP, and would rather fight people over a city than just smash buildings at 4am. Granted not everyone is in that mindframe, but quite a few major alliances are.”

    Sounds like a case of e-honour to me. ;)

  24. syncaine says:

    Yea I wondered how multiple servers would effect the ‘lore’ of Darkfall, but assuming it’s just a EU/NA split, I still think it can retain some of the same values EVE has. More than a single split though, and who knows.

    And yea, e-honor in a community of basement-dwelling sociopaths, amazing :)

  25. Bonedead says:

    E-honor ftw. A pussy is a pussy even if you put lipstick on it, or something.

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