Dragon Age does hype the right way

My anticipation for Dragon Age has been slowly ramping up, and not in the usual ‘watch ever movie/screen shot asap!’ way. I actually made it a point to avoid all that in order to keep the experience of playing the game as spoiler-free as possible, and so my expectations going in are ‘It should be a quality RPG experience’ and nothing more. But two unique pieces of ‘hype’ have managed to get my all fanboi’ed-up this past week. First was the release of the character creator, and now Dragon Age Journeys, two very different tools to get people excited about an upcoming title.

The release of the character creator is genius for a few reasons. One, it’s very cheap promotion for the game, since it’s already been created and I’m guessing it’s not very difficult to cut it from the full game and release it as a separate download. But the real genius is that usually having 300 different face options in a game is more of a pain than a plus. I mean I’d rather actually start playing within the first 5 minutes than continue to tweak nose sliders to get my character ‘just right’ (and since I’m talking as an MMO fan here, I think we all know exactly how far we are willing to go to get little crap just right). But on its own, with the game not out yet, hell yea I’m going to sit there for 30+ minutes tweaking every last slider and option, and you better believe I’m damn ready to play the game when I’m looking at the best damn RPG hero EVA! Like I said, genius.

And now that I have my character created and ready, along comes Dragon Age Journeys to not only provide a fun turn-based strategy/rpg, but also to give me additional backstory/lore about that created hero’s world. And much like the character creator, when the real game is released you want to play RIGHT NOW, so you might skip some of the background stuff just to get into the meat of things (and in turn you might miss some of the detail of the world/story), but when the games release is still weeks away, even little bits of lore or story will get eaten up. Genius part two.

And so here I sit, exactly one week away from release day, Direct2Drive pre-order waiting, and without having downloaded every video or read every dev log/forum, I’m hyped for Dragon Age in a somewhat natural (if we can call it that) way. I know enough of the story/world to look forward to it without feeling like anything has been spoiled, and I have a character which I’m excited to play rolled up and ready to go. Nov 3rd can’t come soon enough now.

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8 Responses to Dragon Age does hype the right way

  1. Werit says:

    I can’t wait either. I have been avoiding all press about it, can’t chance a spoiler.

  2. sid67 says:

    I haven’t played a single player RPG in over a decade. Well, unless you count the first 80 levels of World of Warcraft.. LOL.

    I have to agree with you though, that character creator is pretty cool. Reminds me of how Spore launched the creature creator (my kids still love that).

    • syncaine says:

      I would suggest both NWN2 and The Witcher. NWN2 might be too similar to Dragon Age, but The Witcher is a very unique and enjoyable RPG.

  3. Kyir says:

    I’ve ended up checking out everything available on the DA:O site, most of it is surprisingly spoiler free though.

  4. Anne says:

    Demon’s Souls > Dragon Age.

    That is all.

  5. sid67 says:

    You know what’s interesting about Single Player RPGs? No one talks about how “successful” one is compared to another one. You don’t see heated arguments about how this game sold X more copies and must be better.

    It’s more like.. this one has 40 hours of play and if you liked that one than you might like this one too.

    • syncaine says:

      Once a single player RPG (or any other game) is out, who buys it only effects whether a sequel gets made, rather than if the servers stay up.

      And still, plenty of people will rage about which FF is the best, or whether Mario is superior to Sonic.

  6. Sean says:

    In avoiding most of the hype for Dragon Age, you’ve also avoided the atrocious marketing campaign. Instead of highlighting what seem to be this game’s strengths – a deep single player RPG experience hearkening back to the original Baulder’s Gate and some interesting re-imagining of a high fantasy setting – Bioware (or EA) is pushing this game as “hardcore (now with titties!)” all to the tune of Marilyn Manson’s “This is the New Shit.” The sort of person that any of this advertising would attract is exactly the same sort of person who will find the actual game unintelligible and unappealing.

    I have to agree though that the character creator was great fun to tinker with and I’m looking forward to spending sometime with Journeys (check out the developer blogs for it at http://blog.bioware.com/)

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