SOE one-ups Turbine on awesome achievements

While this is indeed impressive, ‘selling’ a free product to so many people so quickly, we all know the REAL measure of success is how many characters have been created, right Turbine?

(Yes yes, FR will likely make SOE good money, but do we really need these types of announcements? Congrats on getting one million people to download a tiny client for free, but when that happens daily in the App Store, it’s not exactly breaking new ground. Come back when you have some data on how many people are actually PAYING you for something)

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3 Responses to SOE one-ups Turbine on awesome achievements

  1. Trigger says:

    Its free, why wouldn’t a million people signup to see what it is all about?
    Questions here is, how many of those (in say 2-3 months) are still going to be active accounts.
    If WoW or LOTRO (seeing as Turbine is todays hot topic) went F2P, wouldn’t they see a surge in signups and account creations in the same way?

    I created an account for Free Realms, it was ‘ok’ but not something I could see spending the same amount of time as I have done in the past for say Eve or WoW.

  2. Julian says:

    At least they didn’t say “#1 MMO in the US! More than 500 million items crafted! More than a million miles virtually walked! 1 Trillion pixels changed color!”

  3. Bonedead says:

    I’d play more if I was rightfully ranked #1 on the leaderboards, since I paid for it and all, but hey it’s only advertised as a feature for paid accounts and it’s only been out what, 3 weeks now?

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