Suck it Eurogamer

Type “dragon age review” in Google and check out the first link on page two (currently anyway). Yup, ‘kind of a big deal’ blogger me. Now go ALLLLLL the way to the middle of page three. Yup, the trash heap that is EuroGamer. Finally some Internet justice.

Sad part is I probably played more Dragon Age in the one day before my review than whoever had a review copy from EG, but that’s expected by now. One things for sure though, they spent WAY more time in the pre-release character creator.

(If you can’t tell, it’s ‘one of those days’ around here, enjoy)

((And italics makes it all better, in case you were wondering))



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14 Responses to Suck it Eurogamer

  1. Werit says:

    Yours is the last link on the first page, for me.

  2. Mordiceius says:

    That’s because searching “Dragon Age review” is flawed.

    You need to search “Dragon Age Origins review” since the quotes mean you are looking for exact results. :-P

    • Stabs says:

      Actually the search term that most people will use is what’s relevant here, not precise internet searching.

      Almost no one googles with the ” marks or knows about Boolean searching.

      If your point is the 8 people in the world who might search for this on google using your method will find Eurogamer ahead of Syncaine it still doesn’t invalidate his point that most people looking for the game will find him, not Eurogamer.

  3. Crito says:

    Sorry Syn, but the euro-game reveiw was too well written to just be laughed away. The author was able to raise some realistic negatives that indicate a thoughtful review while other reviews just rave.

    Could just be that he’s into Elder Scroll type games, but he was clear about his thoughts and presented them well. How can you disprove his thoughts about the world except by playing it? Now I need to buy to get the real story-its all a marketing ploy.

  4. Bronte says:

    haha Syncaine, you show ’em how it’s DONE!

  5. terry nutkins says:

    You’re a fucking boor.

  6. Another boor says:

    The Eurogamer Dragon Age review was a bad review.

    It’s as if the reviewer would have played a different game than I!

  7. errr says:

    So you’re saying you only played the game for one day before you wrote your review? Clap fucking clap.

  8. Other than the fact that Google tailors your search results based on your browsing habits…

  9. timeisthehealer says:

    It was 6 months ago Syn.


    When you get right down to it, for the last six months this blog has been one long post that when cracked open and analysed says;

    “wow is shit, the players are idiots. Darkfall is great, the players are incredible. Oh and Eurogamer sucks!”

    …for six months.

    I’mm re-visit in another six months and see if you finally write some new content.

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