Civilization V: Here sooner than we thought?

Not that these things are always (ever?) accurate, but since this is one game I’d be willing to kill someone with a blunt object for, Steam saying Civ V is coming out September 1st caught my eye.

Please god (that would be Sid Meier), let this be true.

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4 Responses to Civilization V: Here sooner than we thought?

  1. Song says:

    What does this have to do with Darkfall?

    • Billy Hicks says:

      You know this isn’t a DF blog right?

      It just happens that Syn is playing pretty much only DF so most stories are DF related. once he plays something different we will see more stories not DF related.

  2. Coppertopper says:

    Almost have a WoW toon to 80. Guess it’s time to play Civ IV.

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