WAR40k has a really, really bright future.

I totally agree with Lum.

Just get it out already and state that WAR40k will:

Kill WoW.

Will have 20m users.

Won’t have a single issue at launch.

And then make version 2.0 of the “bears bears bears” video making some even more absurd claim.

Bonus Chuck: Not even Chuck Norris could kill the WAR40k IP faster than Vigil / THQ.

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15 Responses to WAR40k has a really, really bright future.

  1. Wyrm says:

    each time they open their mouths, my heart bleeds a little more…

  2. Dril says:

    Hey, you never know, someone might do a Lord of the Rings Miniatures Warhammer game (i.e. the opposite to LOTRO). Third time lucky and all that.

    • krosuss says:

      Actually, Games Workshop has the license and produces a tabletop miniatures game for Lord of the Rings already. It does do quite well.

  3. tariqone says:

    THQ’s OK by me. And Danny Bilson’s a real gamer. The games industry is pretty slimy, and churns out a ton of shovelware crap, but THQ’s not one of the egregious offenders, imo.

    But hey, let’s crap all over the guy for mentioning the market leader in the space he’s developing for. It’s never too early to start banging on the fail drum and shivering in gleeful expectation of all the delicious schadenfreude to come.

    Good thing we’ve got Aventurine and Darkfall. One saintly company and one flawless game will see us through these end of days.

  4. mandrill says:

    WoW clone with different clothes. 40k deserves better than re-hashed mechanics and gmaeplay. And not letting people be a space marine out of the box? thats a game killer right there.

    This is going to bomb, and bomb hard.

    • 59TTP says:

      I know right? what are they thinking, an RPG asking people to develop a char to reach further advancements?
      look at WoW, they made people work for their levels or the death knight, and it is an epic flop, amirite? they shoulda have given everybody an instant fully geared lvl80 DK

      one small suggestion to you: why dont you just stick to your FPSs where you are in endgame 1 second after logging, and stop spewing crap?

  5. Irenor says:

    To Syncaine: Read Post #12 on Lum’s post regarding WAR40k.

    To Tarigone, pretty much agree with him. WAR40k doesn’t appeal to me at all, but I see no point of shitting over it for using ideas similar to WoW. I vote with my money, simple as that.

  6. Hudson says:

    Im just going to keep quoting this until this train wreck of a game goes live:

    I can see the Character Selection Screen now…


    # Space Marine (Ultramarine)

    # Space Marine (Space Wolf)

    # Space Marine (Blood Angel)

    # Space Marine (Dark Angel)

    # Space Marine (Other)

    # Psyker (*)

    # Xenos (You will be purged)

    * – Note: Psykers can never advance past Level 1, because as soon as you use your powers, you will either be consumed by a demon from the warp, captured and sacrificed to feed the Emperor on the Golden Throne, or spontaneously explode.

    • Stabs says:

      The basic problem is that while any sensible gamer would start from the premise that Warhammer Online sucked donkey balls and work towards not re-making that, these guys seem to consider themselves the inheritors of the great online Warhammer tradition.

      Maybe it was an interview question: “in your opinion is Warhammer Online the finest MMO ever made?” and if you laughed you didn’t get hired.

  7. Hudson says:

    It also makes no sense. Space Marines are yanked from birth to have various implants put in them. You don’t “build up” to it.

    Another retarded MMO developer completely taking a license and fucking it up.

    • Cj Didge says:

      Actually in the lore there are some space marines who are volunteers and some are clones and some are as you say yanked from birth, I would set them up as a sub class to space marines with slightly different skills sets to show the different upbringing.


      Space Marines are not “yanked from birth.” If you knew anything about Warhammer 40K lore you would know that they are built up. They start off as normal humans who prove themselves worthy to become a Space Marine. They are then “enhanced” and become recruits that continue their training in the 10th company scout sqauds. Once their training is complete or some catastrophy requires that losses be replaced they then are implanted with the geneseed and given power armour.

      However, I do agree that not having Space Marines playable is a huge game killer, because their are more people that don’t really know the IP and for who Space Marine = 40k. Even if every single 40k fanboy like myself played this game it wouldn’t be enough to overcome the massive budget that is likely building up.

  8. Mala says:

    The main problem is that Warhammer just doesn’t lend itself to an MMORPG, 40k or Fantasy. I used to think otherwise, but I was wrong. This game would be a better off more similar to Planetside than WoW, but hey, WoW with a 40k skin will at least be a clear warning to all 40k fans that you may as well just ignore it straight up and not waste your time, so its not all bad,.

  9. I thought it was going to be a MMOFPS or TPS so wouldn’t that suggest to them that they should be going after a completely different gamer market? I would be more than happy with a decent shooter MMO that wasn’t trying to be another WoW.

  10. Paragus says:

    And so goes another good IP getting shit all over…

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