Umadbro? Naw just trollin’

At what point did “I’m just trolling” replace “I was wrong” in the English language?

I mean we have had to deal with a lot of stupid internet fads/memes/whatever before, but is “haha trolled” not the dumbest one yet?

Oh you have shown that my five comments above are in fact completely wrong, asinine, and make me look like a fool? Oh I’m just trollin’ bro b.c (insert reason to be wasting time).

Honestly, this makes “umadbro?” look like Shakespeare in terms of forum/internet stupidity, and “umadbro” is just a few steps below posting “1st” as the 3rd or 4th comment in a thread.

Chuck-o-the-day: It should be a universal law that when you post “Just trolling”, Chuck roundhouse kicks you in the nuts. Ever. Single. Time.

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25 Responses to Umadbro? Naw just trollin’

  1. Drew says:

    You forgot, “lolumad?”, and “brah” (instead of bro).

    There’s some really stupid crap going on these days.

    • SynCaine says:

      Yes nothign quite like seeing half a page of:


      “Naw not mad bro”

      “yea umad”.

      “Just trolling because my internet is out and I can’t play”

      “gso” (which might be DF-only, but is no less retarded)

  2. Paragus says:

    People who say “lolumad?” and “amirite?” should have their balls submerged in a boiling cauldron of battery acid.

  3. Anonymous says:

    You mad bro?

  4. Anonymous says:

    You place a Chuck Norris fact at the end of (nearly) every post on this blog.

    In case you did not know, there are a group of people making fun of you making fun of internet memes.

  5. Hirvox says:

    At what point did “I’m just trolling” replace “I was wrong” in the English language?

    Sometime before September 19th 2008.

  6. coppertopper says:

    who you callin bro?

  7. NBarnes says:

    I nominate people saying ‘I’m just fooling around’ when they’re getting OMGWTFBBQ’d in Contextual Multiplayer Game (League of Legends, most recently for me).

    Yeah, sure, you could totally bust out a can of whoop-ass, but you can’t be bothered because you’re too cool to worry about computer games.



  8. Wyrm says:


  9. roflmaoz says:


  10. UMADZ says:


  11. Omega says:

    lol why umad tho?

  12. ksksnd says:

    The guy has butthurt.
    He probably just mad at people trollin’.

  13. waze says:


    “Yeah i’m mad”

    “Er… Umad?”



  14. airtonix says:

    u jelly?

  15. lane says:

    sounds like umm

  16. Anonymous says:

    Spell check the shit you post. You dumb bro?.. Yeah, he dumb…

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