LoL’ing the weekend away

Another weekend in the books, and another bucket or ten filled with delicious League of Legends rage. My newest source? Trying to time Tryndamere’s ult ‘just right’ and having the screen go gray right as I hit ‘R’. Bonus points for when you do ult up, dish out some good damage, and the perfect escape plan makes you look foolish when Trynd decides that rather than spin OVER the cliff/trees/whatever, he is just going to spin INTO them and stay on that side. So win. He is a blast to play though, because assuming you survive the early game reasonable well, he is just a complete monster late game. Seeing squishy champions melt in 3-4 crit hits (yay 75%+ crit rate) always brightens my day.

I’m now less than half a level from 30 and ranked games, which is rather exciting. The rest of the regulars I normally play with are still a ways away however, so ranked premade 5v5s won’t be here for a bit. Still, solo/duo ranked matches should be fun, if for no other reason than to see just how drafting really works and what affect it has on the game.

What’s also really keeping the LoL momentum going is that a lot of Inq members are also heavily into the game, and have been for a while now, which means that on any given night we have 4-10 people in vent gaming. This makes it easy to jump in and join up rather than have to play alone and deal with four random strangers who may or may not decide it’s a good idea to play aura Garen or fire cape Eve. Along with the ‘core’ members, we have had a few new or returning faces around as of late, which is always nice to see.

In MMO news, looks like the long-delayed Darkfall expansion is finally on its final days of testing/prep now that the unexpected server issues have been handled. I know I’m not alone in waiting for that to be the catalyst to return to Agon, so hurry up and release it already AV.

Chuck-o-the-day: Someone once put Chuck Norris on hold. That’s where the term ‘choke hold’ comes from.

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  1. Paragus says:

    As Maggnus mentioned in an earlier post, we are always interested in bringing in more people to the Inquisition vent to join us for some rage laced League of Legends. As a bonus you might get to hear me rage on your favorite blogger for constantly giving up “first blood”.

    Seems like you and Hadrial are both trying to get a handle on trynd. I’m glad to see you guys learning some new characters. From my ranked game experience, you really need to have a firm grasp on upwards of 4-5 heros with bans and other people picking your heros. You are in the same boat now where me and maggnus are with our mains now at the top of the shit list for bannings. (Garen, Morganna, Amumu)

    • SynCaine says:

      Not sure I should be trying to learn Poppy and Trynd at the same time, as they appear similar at first but ultimately play completely different, but yea, it’s been fun so far.

      As for Inq, here again is the link to the forums for everyone else:

  2. Anonymous says:

    Try to build your Tryndamere with infinity edge and Yomuus as the only crit-items. With some Runes you get to the magical 50% rate, which means when your at 1hp (using your ulti) you have maxed out critchance.
    So in the terms of theory-crafting, anything more than 50% crit-chance is a waste.
    Other stats like armor penetration and lifesteal are obtainable instead, which gives a good tryn player the possibility to actually DO ANYTHING without your ult in late game.
    I personally played Tryn quite often by now, and i am also an avid Poppy player. Tryn is just the definition of a Damagedealer, but thats all through auto-attacks. So any good timed exhaust OR stun will shut your 6 seconds of e-fame down.
    Poppy is versatile and more of a teamplayer. Together with sheen/triforce/lichbane you can deal abnormal burstdmg every 5-6s.
    And although I play poppy as a DD primarly, you can initiate Fights very well with your Ultimate, picking out a squishie and let them rain their spells on your invurnable ass.

    The biggest Problems I have with the game is just the importance of CC and AoE-dmg in teamfights. Combos like Amumu + Morgana + Galio + Fiddlesticks + Anivia just melt your team away in seconds. And because of the mass CC you can’t really do anything against that, except banning and running the same vein.

    Nonetheless, good game, nice buiseness model, i wish Riot all the success and spent 55€ for the game by now (playing for like 7 months now).

    • SynCaine says:

      About Trynd: I build Zeal first, then boots, then IE. At that point I either turn Zeal into Phantom Dancer or build a Blood Razor. From my experience, once you have a IE you basically deal ‘enough’ damage to win a fight, and what it usually comes down to is whether or not they stun/blind me long enough to not allow me to kill people. Because of this I’ve been thinking of building tank items after IE, at least something like Frozen Mallet anyway.

      About Poppy: Initially I was playing her as damage/crit, but recently I’ve been building her as AP and that has been working well, since AP makes the charge hit harder, as well as the bonus damage on Devastate. Still figuring her out though.

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