Blood Bowl: League and MM team updates

Blood Bowl League Update: A bit of a slow start over the weekend for the league, with only 3 or 4 games being played. Hopefully everyone else sets up times on the forums and gets their games in before the League week ends. I was hoping we would not need to do this, but if games are not played the coach who made an effort to set up a game (based on the forums) will receive a 2-0 win. As that’s not much fun, just play your games people!

In matchmaking league play, my human team “Good old Average” is still kicking butt, up to a Team Value (TV) of 1780. My real star is a strength 4, block/mighty blow/tackle Blitzer, who is a mobile injury machine that really puts in work. I don’t have the stats in front of me right now, but he definitely leads the team in injuries caused by a wide margin, and has changed the outcome of more than one game. Two games ago I got a bit of a scare as he actually died, but luckily the apothecary came in and turned death into just a scratch. Thank you doc!

The other standout on the team is a agility 4, sure hands/pass/accurate/block thrower. Much like the perfect stat increase on the Blitzer, +1 agility for a human thrower is as good as it gets, and along with the accurate and pass skills, my thrower can sling the ball around at will, plus has an easy time picking it up (which for anyone who has played knows, is a monumental task in Blood Bowl).

My last game was a 4-3 victory against a similar TV High Elf team, and the differences between humans and HE were on full display, even though the two are somewhat similar in many ways. The HE were able to move around a bit more thanks to their 4 agility, but their lack of Guard (no natural Strength skills access) made the blocking game difficult for them when matched up against my Blitzers (three have guard, the 4th is the guy with 4 str). If a block or two went their way, they could easily score in two turns, but if I was able to bog them down and turn the game into a fight, I had the edge.

The other key was my star Blitzer, who inflicted two critical injuries, and set the second half of the game to be played 11 on 10 in my advantage. A one player advantage is not insurmountable in Blood Bowl, but it makes the blocking game that much harder with the Guard/No Guard advantage. At one point my opponent was specifically targeting him, hoping to take him off the pitch, but despite multiple foul attempts, he never got a positive result.

It was a great game though, and my final touchdown occurred on the 15th turn, a pass from my Thrower to a Blitzer in the endzone (I had to reroll the 3+ catch, but thankfully got it). I’m still a bit worried about going up against a highly developed Chaos or Nurgle team, but so far in all my games I’ve only played one Chaos team and two Nurgles, so perhaps they are not nearly as popular as they were in the original edition (another benefit of going from 8 to 20 teams).

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  1. Vodun says:

    I’ve been having a blast with a Khemri play a made. They are 4-1-1 at them moment with a TV of 1400. I really enjoy their playstyle but they def have their issues… AGI 2 for the entire team. There has been games where it took me 4 turns to pick up the ball. Heh.

    I look forward to them growing some more

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