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What’s been keeping me busy gaming wise of late

Slow gaming times for me of late, hence the lack of blogging. I’m still playing a bit of ARK, though restarting on a server is a bit rough, as you are basically retracing previous steps, and with the rapid pace … Continue reading

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New ARK Server, and the BB2 campaign

Two items for today. I’m playing on a new, unofficial ARK server. Search the unofficial listing for “Narco Heads” to find it. Unlike most unofficial servers this one doesn’t have silly 8x or 10x rules, just 2x from the official … Continue reading

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Blood Bowl 2 is a UI-driven nightmare right now

The Blood Bowl 2 beta has started, which is good, because dear god does BB2 need more time to bake. Rant incoming. Making BB2 should be the easiest game in the world to make. You go into it with all … Continue reading

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Blood Bowl 2: Pre-order and such

You can now pre-order Blood Bowl 2, and for the PC you pick either the Wood Elves or the Lizardmen as a pre-order bonus. It looks like additional races will be DLC, which honestly is a better fit than the … Continue reading

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Blood Bowl: First come first server

The Blood Bowl league is up, but needs one more coach. First to sign up is in! League: HC/Inquistion League, Season 3 Password: inq

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BloodBowl reminder

See previous post for details, but we still need at least one team to put our league together. Anyone?

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Is it Bloodbowl time again?

Thanks to a Steam sale a few weeks ago, I picked up Blood Bowl: Chaos Edition, and have been slowly getting myself back into the game. I few people have asked me about running another league, so here is the … Continue reading

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Blood Bowl 80% off

Steam sale, of course. Recommend people pick it up (it’s a very solid TBS title at heart, with a football theme. It’s more a strategy title than a sports title),  as I’ll be running another league ‘soon’. Grab it now, … Continue reading

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Sightless! Play your Blood Bowl game

Yes, it has come to this, using the blog to get at people. Don’t push me internet! Here is the forum thread man, make sure to sign up and post as we get a ton of spam accounts and we … Continue reading

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Someone apply already!

We need one more team for our Blood Bowl league. Pick a race that has not already been accepted. Name: Inquisition Hardcore Casual Pro Circuit PW: INQ (all caps)

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