Blood Bowl, Darkfall, League of Legends updates.

Blood Bowl League Update: “The ball is up… and we’re off!” Season 1 has started, and everyone has their first match. Check out our updated website (including starting team photos!), set up a time with your opponent, and enjoy the games!

Darkfall: Due to an unfortunate brain laps, I missed out on Darkfall’s racial battle. An official post about it can be found here, along with some videos. Sounds like everyone involved had a good time, with some lag/load issues popping up for some. This can also be seen in some of the videos. If nothing else, I would have loved to see how my hardware handled the whole thing, as usually I get better-than-average results. Next time I guess.

Titan Quest: I’m still working my way through this game (10hr in maybe?), and it’s still fantastic. I’m still surprised at how good it looks for an older game, and some of the graphical ‘tricks’ it has continue to impress. Totally worth the $5 spent here, especially since unlike DF, LoL, or BB, it’s very easy to jump in for 30 minutes and make a little progress.

League of Legends: Captain Teemo on duty! Since his remake I’ve been playing Teemo almost non-stop (still play Shen in ranked when I can get him though), and really like what he brings. His strong early harass (especially in a side lane, as middle he is a little too easy to harass by many), blinding Q shot, and mushroom (or in my case, satellite) spam is all good stuff. I’m playing him without Flash as I expect it to be removed at some point, which makes escaping a team battle nearly impossible, and everyone loves to focus down the little guy. Usually I go out with a bang though, dropping a mushroom right at my feat, and usually setting up the area beforehand with them as well. Many have fallen to an unexpected explosion as they retreat at low health.

Allerion, Remastered and I have so far attempted two ranked 3s games, but both have not gone well. 3s is just a totally different game than 5s, and we are still figuring out which champions ‘work’. Not banning Shaco is a mistake that will only happen once, and I’ve yet to play Tryndamere thanks to enemy bans. It’s a work in progress, but at least we don’t have to fear the issues of ELO hell with an arranged team.

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13 Responses to Blood Bowl, Darkfall, League of Legends updates.

  1. Snafzg says:

    I think Teemo is actually pretty good in 3s because your team can save a bunch of money on wards since you can light up the map with your shrooms. Not to mention placing your shrooms in key bushes will really harass your enemies before and after team fights.

    What do you think of a Rammus, Teemo, and Yi combo?

    That there’s some pretty heavy AoE DPS + speed + taunt + blind.

    • SynCaine says:

      Yi failed me hard last night, but that was thanks to a pure burst combo of Akali/LeBlanc. I’ve done well with him in 3s.

      Don’t know enough about 3s to comment on the other two, and I’ve yet to try Teemo. Maybe I should.

      • Snafzg says:

        I’ve played against lots of Teemos in 3s (non-ranked <30 games mind you) and he's so effing annoying. His map awareness is awesome and you usually eat 2-3 shrooms as you maneuver through the bushes for ganks, which not only hurt but ruin the surprise too.

        Rammus is also quite awesome in 3s because he's a a high damage tank that has CC and amazing maneuverability. You can quickly get to Dragon from bottom lane in a single powerball. Not to mention he farms minions and pushes well with Tremors (on a 60 second cooldown!) because his ult hits towers too.

        As for Yi, I guess it all comes down to how well he's played and who he's up against. A Rammus should be able to taunt Akali off him for a full 3 seconds followed by an Exhaust, allowing Yi to help mangle her or focus Leblanc instead. I guess you hope he has some lifesteal to make up for his lack of defense.

        A curl shielded Rammus with a Sunfire + Randuin combo and Tremors going is going to HURT any melee he just taunted, especially if he follows it up with Exhaust and then Randuin's active.

        • SynCaine says:

          Akali is tricky because she will be invisible shortly into the fight, and constantly running Oracle is pricey. Getting to LeBlanc is also tough given her movement.

          The major thing about 3s is how easy it is to jump over walls and escape. Anyone with such a move (shaco, trynd, shen, etc) is far more powerful than in 5s.

          Still a fun mode IMO, and very different from 5s.

        • Wreggitt says:

          A 3’s game should be decided before a Rammus gets sunfire and randuin.

  2. Saucelah says:

    So disappointed I didn’t have 40 to spare for BB so I could get in on that league. Of course, haven’t played except the PnP probably 20 years ago, so it’s not too bad that I missed it. No easy pwn for you!

    • SynCaine says:

      I think most of the league is fairly new to BB, at least the PC version. Should it go on sale and you pick it up, I’m sure we will either expand or replace people as we go.

  3. UMOarsman says:

    Looks like I was the odd 15th team out. Let me know if a spot opens up! In the meantime, Bad Toon Rising will just have to find someone else to get crushed by…

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