I’m going to player impact the shit out of this instance!

“We’ll throw you into your very first instance, to get a feel for a very player directed experience.”

Um… what?

Oh and two faction in the Warhammer universe, good call. Have they announced a coordinated dance animation between Chaos Warriors and Tyranids yet?

PS: Tell that Dreadnought to lose some weight, he looks like a Black Friday 4am shopper at Walmart.

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10 Responses to I’m going to player impact the shit out of this instance!

  1. Adam says:

    “””it looks more ‘actiony’.”””

    I notice it he doesn’t say -is- but “looks”.

    The “y” also adds to the nice overall sense of “isn’t”.

    Just what we all needed, another game where spastic gamers can play with their spastic wives and pat themselves on the back for the epic lootz they are rolling in.

  2. Saucelah says:

    I don’t think doing W40K with only two factions does it any justice. There should be factions within factions within factions.

    Oh well.

    • Torcano says:

      You realize that GW itself used pretty much the exact same Order v. Chaos factions in its worldwide campaigns for 40k?

      Honestly maybe 2 is bad for gameplay and fluff reasons, but there is no conceivable way to make ‘factions within factions within factions’ work for a game like this.

      I digress.

      Personally I’m just amazed that Bikes/Dreads/ TANKS/and TITANS are all playable. In both PvE and PvP. Sounds pretty great.

      And to those who who think the quotes make it seem like everything will be instanced, when he said “dropped into overworld”, that to me says dropped into an open world that is *not* instanced. However I most definitely assume that there will be missions that *are* instanced, just not everything.

      • SynCaine says:

        Are you taking a recent 40k campaign, or the lore overall? Because if you are talking overall, we must have followed two different games. Much like Warhammer itself, it’s always been everyone for themselves 90% of the time, and some shaky alliances between a faction or two at a time of need (and even then, they still like to fight it out amongst themselves)

        I get that it would be more difficult to get 3, 6, 12 factions going, but I don’t think it’s impossible. More confusing initially? Sure. Not as ‘casual friendly’? Maybe. But it’s about as impossible as a 100v100 non-instanced battle in an MMO. It just comes down to putting in the work to make it happen, or taking the easy way out and instancing everything.

        Also, Titans are not in WAR40k (last I checked), they are only found in WAR40k Epic (at least as usable units anyway). Not that it really matters, but how in gods name can you balance a Titan on the field against a squad of Marines, let alone a single player?

        • Mala says:

          Give everyone a Titan, thats how you make it balanced, amirite?

        • Michael, St E says:

          I believe Torcano is talking about the world-wide campaigns of player games that GW occasionally runs to tie in with major events/themes in the storyline.

          Titans are produced by the Forge World GW sub-company, and operate within 40K/40K Apocalypse under additional rules included in the hardcover Imperial Amour supplements.

          The models are… glorious.

  3. Jesse says:

    I found the contrasting discussions about spending less time on nonessentials, and how awesome the gear system will be provoked thoughts of disgust and disinterest. The atrocious grammar of the PC Gamer article acted to further enhance and ingrain those thoughts. The lack of more confirmed factions is a thorn that grows larger with each announcement.

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  5. Maggnus says:

    A faction based PvP game with only 2 factions is so out of date and out of touch its laughable. It’s the same as a new car being produced with a tape deck in the console. Developers are just lazy and have no clue what they should be prioritizing.

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