Blood Bowl: Norse on Norse crime

Last night I played a particularly brutal game of Blood Bowl, as my Norse team went up against another Norse team. When two teams that love to hit, but can’t take it meet, you know its going to get ugly. When one side (my opponent) was terrible dice, well, things get REAL ugly.

The first sign of things to come came on the very first turn, when his Yeti threw a block on mine, and the result was a double knock-down, with neither of us having the block skill. My Yeti was dazed, his was dead. His apothecary rushed on to the field, but he must have hired the same guy I had in my league game, as the result was dead/dead.

The next few turns were about even, with a few players on both sides getting KO’ed or knocked off the pitch. He received the kickoff, and just four turns later scored a touchdown.

On the following kickoff he only had 10 players thanks to the dead Yeti, while I had a full 11 thanks to have 12 on my roster. The following four turns produced the most brutal sequence of events I’ve ever seen. On my very first turn, two of the players he placed on the line got injured, one thanks to my Yeti, another thanks to a wolf. On his turn he rolled a skull for a block, and that player ended up injured as well. On my next turn, I blocked his +1str runner, and not only did he get injured, but he got a rather fatal -1AV injury. Finally, on the final turn of the half, right before my guy ran the ball in, I threw a sideline block, knocked his player off the pitch, and got an injury roll for that as well. My opponent called it quits at the half, and honestly, I don’t blame him.

The dominating win gave me two MVPs, with one of them going to a wolf, finally earning him a promotion and the critical Block skill. The Yeti also hit level three, and in addition to his Mighty Blow skill, he picked up Juggernaut to help compensate for his lack of Block. Overall the team is a lot of fun to play, although having almost everyone at 7AV means that someday soon, I’ll be on the receiving end of a slaughter.

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