CoC: Clan Games are here!

The last Clash of Clans update added Clan Games, which are an interesting reward structure that stacks on top of everything else going on in the game. The result is that, when things line up right, a single attack can get you: the loot from the attack, the bonus loot from your trophy rank, star bonus loot, and clan games progress. That’s a lot of ‘stuff’ happening all off just one attack, but IMO it works well.

For those not up to speed, clan games are a new time-limited event for the whole clan, typically lasting 3-4 days. During that time, each clan member can pick a quest from a selection of 8 (everyone in the clan sees the same list), and once a quest is picked, a new one replaces it. Quests examples include; win two straight attacks, get 5 starts using 10 of X troop, collect 150,000+ gold/elixir from one attack, etc. Quests also come in Builder Base varieties, and the ‘harder’ the quest, the more points it typically gives.

The clan’s point total is added up, and tiered rewards are given to everyone based on how well the clan did. The rewards can be resources, or new magic items, such as books that instantly complete a troop, royal, or building upgrade. Such rewards can really speed up progress, or lessen the pain of upgrading a royal during a close clan war and having to gem them. Overall, I also really like the new rewards, which are stored in your clan castle and have limited inventory (you can only store one magic book for example, and up to five boost potions).

A good side effect of the clan games is they can also push you out of your comfort zone in terms of troop usage, since many of the quests require you to use X number of a troop. With the quests being more a matter of time vs success/failure (a typical troop quest will ask you to get 5 stars total in 8 hours, but whether you get this done in two attacks or ten doesn’t matter, so long as you get the five stars in under 8 hours), the quests don’t punish you for learning how to use a new army composition during raiding/farming. I think this will also result in good practice for people to bring new armies into clan wars. I know I’m very guilty of sticking to my comfort army for clan wars, even when better composition options exist verse a certain base.

Final, clan games allow members to contribute to a clan without being aces in clan wars, which up until now was the primary way of someone ‘contributing’ to a clan. There is a cap to the number of points a single member can earn during the games, but right now that number is pretty high, so even if just a few members go above and beyond the average, it results in the whole clan likely getting the max rewards (so far our clan has gotten the max reward in all but the first clan games, where the points required was far higher than recent versions).

Overall clan games add a nice layer to CoC, both in ‘stuff to do’, and in reducing the time it takes to max out (which in CoC is huge). I also think there is still room to grow for the event, both in terms of rewards and quest variety, but right now its a solid foundation.

As always, if you want to jump into CoC with us, our clan name is “Supreme Cream!”, just mention the blog when applying.

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