Darkfall: The Movie

37 minutes of pure Darkfall PvP goodness.

Screw L00se is the one calling the shots, and I love that vent is included in the video. It really shows off the coordination needed for top-end Darkfall PvP. Hats off to Zealots for following orders as well as they do, and for having such great awareness of the situation. They make it look easy, but in situations like that, when everything is absolutely crazy, staying that calm and collected is a true skill.

And as always, a fantastic editing job by Valroth.

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1 Response to Darkfall: The Movie

  1. Imrys says:

    That part about ‘make it look easy’ is the truth.

    Most groups are not nearly as coordinated, with individuals losing situational awareness and overextending themselves trying to finish off some guy who gets healed to full in 3 sec, and then they get killed. Repeat till the whole group is dead…

    Love how much teamplay and coordination affects DF PvP.

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