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The basic event loop of Might Party is as follows: Special Event starts on a Friday, and runs for 5 days. The next weekend, the fable “High Growth” (HG) runs, which gives you gems for leveling up heroes. The next Friday another event starts, and so on. You want to save all hero level ups for HG, collect the gems, and then use the gems during the special event to hopefully get into chapter 3. 

Events are your best source of getting large amounts of legendary heroes, as well as unlocking new heroes for newer players, so doing well in them is the primary focus. For newer players, events are difficulty to reach chapter 3 as you will be missing many of the heroes, which means you won’t be able to quickly pass the steps that require either hero levels or soulbinds. This is ok, and you can’t do much about it until you play longer. That said spending gems helps, and using gems during events is usually very worthwhile, especially if you calculate that spending will get you into chapter 3. Getting into chapter 3 is huge because the amount of heroes you get out of event chests goes way up in chapter 3. This is especially true for the bonus chest spins, which you want to save until you hit chap 3 or the event is about to end. Finally, for newer players, make sure you at least unlock all of the epics for the event, even if that means spending sparks on epic chests during the “spend 15k sparks” step. 

Some event prep tips: Don’t run Dark Tower on the Wednesday and Thursday before the event; save it for during the event, as chapter 2 has a step for that. Also save up Pit bosses, there is a step to kill 2 of those. Save up normal and Mighty Pass chests to open during the event, both for steps that require getting a certain amount of heroes and because this will get you more sparks and more chances to find the event heroes at 2x gains. During an event the bosses refresh at the same time as Journey bosses; you want to be killing event bosses as many times as you can for the sparks. 

After an event, the next weekend will be High Growth. This is where saving up all your hero level ups becomes worthwhile, as you can earn thousands of gems. A few tips: if you have a pet, during HG is the best time to start a “Hunt”, as many of the steps require leveling heroes. Leveling heroes gets you a lot of XP, and each time you rank up, your journey attempts refresh. Make sure you are using all those attempts before ranking up again. If your journey is fully cleared, wait for it to reset before doing more leveling, you should have plenty of time as HG runs for a few days. Make sure you are running the guild boost for discounted level ups, it will save you a ton of gold. Once you complete a level of HG, reassess if you can hit the next tier. If you can’t, stop leveling up, there is nothing worse than running out of levels 3/4th of the way to a HG tier. 

Additional random tips: Don’t reborn a hero unless there is a fable running for that rebirth, and you can get that hero back up to high levels for events. Don’t soulbind heroes you aren’t using in your lineup until a fable to spend soul dust is running, or you need the soulbinds for an event. Feel free to do the free soulbind for commons, there is no drawback. The Pit is your best source of consistent legendary chests, but it scales to your highest league reached; you don’t want to go into higher leagues until you can safely beat the 5th Pit boss weekly. You DO want to reach league 14 to unlock the pit ASAP however, even if the final push to get into 14 requires you to boost your heroes and use some guild boosts. Even if you drop back out of 14, the Pit will stay unlocked. General Pit strategy is to use your commons first, then your rares, and finally your epics and legends on the harder bosses. If you run out of heroes you can’t do more Pit attempts, so on the earlier bosses sometimes it’s best to ‘skip’ a turn if you have enough on the field to kill them. Finally, outside of events, the best use for gems is to buy the Pirate skin, as its very strong early/mid game. After that you will want the Ogre, who is strongest late game, and then the rest of the skins as they are required for a step in events in Chapter 3. 

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