The future looks so bright!

Kinda sad when even your own fansites accept reality and just cave in.

Comment thread is off to a good start too. If you re-re-introduce NAX, do you hope it’s a 5 man, or go all out for an ‘epic’ solo quest?

Oh, and have you grouped with this gem lately?

Unlike the majority, I couldn’t care less if the content is “rehashed”. I notice less because I know about 1% of the lore. It bores me to tears. I don’t give a rat’s behind about Arthas or Illidan or whoever else those people are. I just want to kill stuff.

Fix the more important problems like Q times and painfully long instance runs.

I wonder if he plays DPS…

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  1. Nils says:

    Lovely ;)
    I don’t share the disdain for dps prevalent in the blogging sphere, but I agree that this cannot be good for the game.

    On the other hand, the developers would probably argue that the game is for everybody – even those that hate the lore.
    And the management would argue that the lowest common denominator is just great when the competition is too stupid to fill the market gaps.

    • SynCaine says:

      There are two types of DPS players:

      Wastes of talent (you should be playing something important like a tank or healer).

      And mutants.

      That’s it.

      And so long as you have enough talent playing tanks/healers, leash the mutants and feed them the occasional cookie, you have a solid raid.

      • Nils says:

        I played dps (mage) during classic WoW, Tank (druid) during TBC, dps (mage, kitty) during WotLK and tank (druid) until Cataclysm turned out the way .. it turned out.

        Besided, good dps is often the most difficult and least important job in a raid. But that is a different topic. ;)

        • SynCaine says:

          Gimmick enrage fights aside, the only difference between a good dps player and one who pounds his forehead on the keyboard is you kill a boss you would have killed anyway a little faster. That’s it. If the tank is doing his job and holding agro+controlling the boss, and the healer is doing his job and keeping the tank up+managing mana, the boss goes down.

          There is a reason Vael was a guild-breaker; that fight required the dps not to be mutants, a pretty tall order.

        • Derrick says:

          To be fair, most modern raids require dps to actually think – mandatory interrupts, lots of “if you have buff x, do y, but if you have buff w do z because y will kill you”, and practically everything has at least a soft enrage.

          Particularly on Heroic (raids) you can’t just grind away with crap dps till the boss gets bored and dies.

        • SynCaine says:

          Wonder why they did away with 40 man raids :)

          Edit: And added ezmode buffs after a month or so.

        • Liero the Great says:

          My guild was Vael server-first, the problem with Vael was in having all the warriors have their aggro in the proper order, if the wrong tank, not wrong dps, took aggro, then he’d turn and cleave the whole melee dps group. Once we started using threatmeters, Vael became incredibly simple. So, that’s pretty much the worst example you could have possibly used. However, generally ,yes back then dps could be mutants, although I’d say all 3 roles were easier then. Your comment reads like you quit playing MMO’s 4 years ago.

          What’s next, a comparison of the training/abilities of modern infantry vs. modern tank crews, where you proceed by asking us to recall the differences in skill between a medieval pikeman and a trained trebuchet operator, and then blithely waving your hand and proclaiming: “the rest is similar. Except floating incendiary balloons across the Pacific Ocean, that was different. But otherwise, the same.” Of course, you’ll cite a battle that happened underwater, where trebuchets were unusable, but no one will notice because they don’t want to admit they didn’t know about underwater trebuchets.

        • SynCaine says:

          About vael: That the tanks had to do a good job is obvious; they always do. Same goes for the healers. Guilds that used a threatmeter to make vael easier had sub-par tanks, and that still has nothing to do with dps (if you had dps able to peal vael off a tank, you also had pretty shitty tanks, considering the mechanics of that fight and execute-spam.)

          But you could have the five best tanks in the world, and keep them up as long as the debuff allowed, and if you had poor dps, it was a wipe. Eventually most guilds got past vael because they over-geared him, and even sub-par dps put out enough to down him, but many guilds broke before they hit that level.

          I’m glad you enjoy history though, it’s good to have hobbies.

        • Liero the Great says:

          Reroll guilds were downing Vael the week they had 40 60’s, or even 35. He was not a dps check at all, I’m sorry to hear that you had to even hear about guilds that couldn’t muster the pitiful dps required to down him, and certainly hope you weren’t a participant in any such guilds.

          There are plenty of fights in current WoW content where tanks have it easier than dps, perhaps you have too many hobbies to have the time to successfully down modern raids?

      • Max says:

        Strange you saying that (I had impression you liked pvp and such lol). If your aim in mmo is pvp you play as a dps or a healer. Period. Tanking is retarded concept .

        Of course “tanks” exist in other games (such as LoL), but they are basically dps with lots of HP. not the taunting aggro bot

        Only time I actually played tank was Rift cause of easy role switching.

      • Poison says:

        Infiltrator Johlen is a DPS race that is only doable with skilled DPS.

        Lackluster DPS and all good players on tanks and healers = Fail.

        Also, he requires 2 healers and 1 tank, so you have 17 raid spots to fill with…something. I recommend DPS.

  2. Stabs says:

    It’s not even just the lore that’s annoying about recycled content.

    It’s that I’ve done it, finished it, bored of it, don’t want to run it again once, let alone as the only “new” content I would see in 6 months.

    If there is anything interesting about a dungeon, anything that distinguishes it from all the others it’s the look, feel and boss tactics.

    For guys like the person you quoted you may as well just put Ragefire Chasm in and let it drop epics.

    Are they driving the bus off the cliff on purpose or are they just cheap?

  3. munx says:

    Syncaine; you are on fire this week, bro. Good stuff.

  4. theerivs says:

    A Vael mention, and a mention of WAR Tanks…man these comments are pure win.

    I played as a Tank, and DPS in every MMO I played. DPS is yes easy, but you still have to know some things…like oh…STAY OUT OF THE FIRE!

  5. JW says:

    Recycled content is to be expected at this point. I imagine Blizzard is pouring its best and awesomest into Titan. WOW has probably reached full lifecycle in HQ’s eyes and is just trying to get the last bits from the people like me.. casual hanger-ons.

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