TL/DR post on accessibility

Accessibility brings content to the players that they previously would have had to make an effort to reach.

If the players would rather quit than make the effort to reach the content, what does that say about the content itself?

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  1. Rammstein says:

    It means that not only does the content need to reward more badges, but that viewing the badge-system as content in itself, the badges as displayed in the currency screen need to be made continuously shinier and with fancier names.

    I wrote the above as irony, but then i realized it was literally exactly true.

  2. Fathom says:

    A little off topic, but im curious what you think about that whole EVE cash shop debacle?

    • SynCaine says:

      I’ve read some of the recent posts from CCP, seems they are still ironing out the details, but there is too much overall noise out right now to get the full story. We’ll see what happens in the coming weeks. If they start selling items of power though, that would be terrible, but I doubt they will go down that path.

      • wormsby says:

        Well — they sell PLEX, and let me sell it for ISK, with which I can buy most ships/fittings/implants in the game. I don’t see how much more deep into the cash for power game they could get tbh, beyond selling skill point packs.

        • Rammstein says:

          The differences between PLEX and typical cash-for-power are obvious.

          Selling PLEX amounts to legalized RMT, which still happens even with PLEX existing and some lax attempt to punish non-PLEX RMT. Ergo, PLEX functions as a means for CCP to reduce black market RMT, while profiting off of it. This has an obvious practical justification, that selling gold ammo doesn’t. This is because any MMO that uses a currency system suffers from RMT, which is pretty much every MMO. Gold ammo bought with real money is not an inevitable feature of MMO’s like a currency system. Therefore, the comparison between the two is not apt.

          Skill point packs would not be all that different from PLEX, in that it is already currently possibly to purchase PLEX, trade PLEX for ISK, use the ISK to buy a character and have them transfer it to your account, in a dev-supported forum and mechanic.

          As a secondary point, PLEX’ing doesn’t affect the player economy in any way. Economy in the sense of exchange of goods/services. A pure exchange of currency, is in some sense meta-economic. Nothing virtually tangible changes hands, however oxymoronic that might sound. Exchanging a ship for real money, on the other hand, is an entirely different level of economic interference.

          As a tertiary point, there are two different ways an MMO can go. The powerful/famous can plausibly use their power/wealth to gain real world currency, or it can be necessary to use real world currency to gain ingame power/wealth. Every MMO I’ve ever played is either one or the other, not both. EVE is the former, if you doubt that, you are speaking from ignorance. So, accusing EVE of cash-for-power is not that interesting.

  3. gevlon says:

    While I’m absolutely not the fan of “accessibility”, you got it wrong. Players are not unwilling, but unable to make the necessary effort.

    For you to farm X rep to get an item from X faction is an effort. They don’t even know about X faction because they don’t read proper sources. Even if they did, they are unable to decide if the item is good to them or not (see also: countless intellect-cloth wearing Death knights in WoW).

    They quit because they recognize that if they would play 24/7 they couldn’t progress as they have no clue how to spend their time.

    TL/DR: content is nerfed for morons, not slackers.

  4. Adam says:

    It depends what sort of effort you mean really. If you mean the effort to be “better at the game” whatever that means, then it means that the game was designed badly. End game content should ramp up slowly enough in difficulty so that there is always an achievable goal. If the ramp is too steep then people will get bored and quit.

    If the effort required is simply to be sitting at your desk for long enough to complete 100 repetitions of the same boring dungeon to get enough badges or points or whatever to buy the epic armour you need to complete the content, then it means you have created a boring game with unnecessary gating in terms of time investment required.

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