Rift is a fun game, but you don’t really want to live there

-Warsyde on Syp’s post about Rift.

Is it just me or is that the absolute worst thing you could say about an MMO?


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  2. bhagpuss says:

    Just came back from a week in France and Spain (had a great time, thanks for asking) and trying to catch up quickly. A week’s posts in all the blogs I read is a lot…

    I’m also not playing Rift much, but really it’s not anything Rift has done wrong. There’s just so much great stuff going on in MMOs pretty much all the time now that I can’t begin to keep up with it all. I was thoroughly enjoying Rift but it only took one weekend playing EQ2 and I was right back into that, and Rift is finding it hard to compete for my attention.

    When it comes down to it, MMOs just take too long per MMO to play to do more than play a couple “properly” and pop into a handful more now and again. Rift is great but so are about a dozen or more other MMOs I really want to be playing as well and now it just has to take its turn on rotation.

    Rift got six months of my MMO time almost undiluted. That’s a very strong entry in my all-time MMO list.

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