Pricey mod

Yesterday I made the comment that this might be the worst thing you can say about an MMO. If that’s true, is this the second worst?

What I cannot forgive, is the fact they have failed to recognise the fundamental flaws in the design (and wider genre) and have ploughed on with a game that plays more like a mod than an independent product.

Hundreds of millions to make a mod? Ouch.

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  1. Rebecca says:

    It staggers me how difficult people find it to make a Star Wars MMO not suck. Take Jedi Knight 2 multiplayer. Add in levels, crafting, housing, and quests. Toss in some X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter with a bit of EVE thrown in for capital ships. Ship it.

    You don’t need top drop millions on voice acting. Text is fine. You don’t need to have the shiniest graphics ever. People will play it in ASCII graphics if it’s good. You don’t need to focus group your way into a WoW clone. You just need to be true to the story and to the game.

    I do not regret one bit my choice not to preorder. Or order for that matter.

    • Mobs says:

      I’ve been in beta over a week now, playing for a total of an hour over a weekend doesn’t count for shit to me. I have several characters in the 20s at this point. Playing well over 200 hours at this point. I was a major hater of SWTOR before I got into beta. They have 100% copied many things from WoW and many other MMOs. BUT I can say I have really had a good time, the things that count to me as someone who has more or less given up on PvP (which is all I have ever cared about) in MMOs is the atmosphere. The Star Wars feel of this game couldn’t be better, the VO, the sounds, the planets and even the in depth companion system is incredibly well done. There are so many clever elements in this game involving story and presentation, it’s a shame that this dude with a following couldn’t experience the actual meat of this game before writing EG quality impressions. I know exactly why I will play this game and it won’t be for genre changing combat or mechanics (we have seen how successful that has been) it will be because of the several different narratives involving 5 different companions 100s of well written narratives and a single class based narrative that spans over 50 levels. I should mention you can also do all of these things with friends or groupmates if you wish. I’m siked.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Sorry for the wall of text, I wrote that on my phone. :/

  3. Mob says:

    I practice ALOT

  4. Mobs says:

    After I typed it, my phone wouldn’t let me scroll up in the text box to paragraph it all.

  5. Stabs says:

    Must be the reason Blizzard have declared No Mods for Diablo 3. They were worried EA would do a Star Wars version.

  6. Bronte says:

    I agree with Rebecca. This whole “We will have 100 thousand hours of voice-acting” was a huge money-dump with very little gain in the end. Yes reading boring quest text is, well, boring and archaic, but its even dumber to try and fix it by doing something so bombastically unnecessary.

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  8. No, no, no, an elephant is tall and and round, like a pillar! In fact, it is like four pillars. Wait, what?

  9. Ouch.

    I am going to just hope that the linked article was someone who hates MMOs, Star Wars, or just had a bad experience.

    A $400 million failure will not be good for the gaming industry.

  10. Ryan says:

    I am going to go on a limb and say people forget it was the community that made WoW the success it was, and your not going to be able to judge the success of an MMO until at least 3 or 4 months after its launch when the community has had time to settle down and you can see what direction it is headed in.

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