It is you

Yes, it is you Zubon. Or anyone else playing with the dregs of (online) society.

Copy/paste of my comment over at KTR: Getting better not only means you play better, but you play with better players that care more. The higher you go, the less likely you are going to run into someone that cares so little they will afk/leave. This basically applies to everything, not just gaming.

The unfortunate side-effect of being ‘casual’ is you play with other casuals. That works fine for skill levels, as everyone is ‘bad’. It’s not so great for game quality. Casuals have 10 kids, three wives, and close to 100 cats, so it’s not reasonable to expect them to stay focused for an entire 30 minutes. This leads to afk’ing (to feed the kids/wives/cats), disconnecting (kids/wives/cats tripping over the cord), or rage-feeding (the kids/wives/cats are pissing them off).

Listen, they are casuals, and their game time is more precious than yours, so if they want to log in and troll to blow off some steam, it’s their god-given right to do so! It’s just a game!

The more casual your game, the more likely the casuals get in. The more a game caters to casuals, the more likely they are to stick around. At low ELOs, League of Legends is a very casual game, and the numbers reflect this. Only 10% of the player base in season one was above 1300 ELO, and LoL is played by more people than WoW. That’s a lot of people-with-cats.

If you’re in Zubon’s boat, where you would like your games to stay 5v5 for the entire time and not contain a troll/feeder/mouthbreather, you have basically one option; get better. And I’m not talking “start min/maxing your ass off and playing 40+ hours a week” stuff either.

Getting above 1200 ELO can be accomplished by simply understanding a few champs (jungle, tank, AP/AD, support), knowing the basics of the other champs, understanding the basics of the game (when dragon/baron spawns, last hitting, placing wards), and not rolling your face across the keyboard. Honestly, that’s it. 1200+ is not ‘hard’, even by octo-mom standards. You don’t need to play like HotshotGG to get yourself to a level where idiots are rare*.

*Note: This does not help in terms of avoiding ethugs, try-hards, know-it-alls, type. like. this. kids. and anyone else you would safely put in the “social mutant” category. But at least they don’t afk.

Also watch this video about Dominion. It covers the basics and is well done. I’ll also second Colbycheeze that Dominion is indeed great for playing with your ‘bad’ friends, as overall the game is more basic and one ‘feeder’ is not nearly as noticeable. Plus the more friends you play with, the lower the chance of running into a leaver (unless your friend is a casual…)

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14 Responses to It is you

  1. noz says:

    Nice one. I don’t know anything about LoL but I like how wrote about it. Also, this octo-mom made me laugh ^^

  2. Degrin says:

    If you are playing casual then why are these things annoying you anyway? I played competitive volleyball in high school and then played “casual” in college because I didn’t have the time for competitive. The level of skill of my teammates (and comptetition) was much lower. However, I never complained about it, in fact I had fun because I was there to have fun, not to be competitive.

    If you want to play competetive, make time for yourself and play at that level. Otherwise, play casual and just like it for what it is.

  3. Max says:

    Well only 10% of players are above elo 1300 ,which makes this “exclusive” club. LoL is also hard game to learn if one never played MOBA games (such as DotA, HoN ) before

    Thing is LoL has flaws in design not everything which frustrates player are attributable to players themselves (e.g. blame the victim)

    Imho improving pvp game design is a better goal than just raging on “causuals” “who ruin everything”

    I am competitive casual player. I played FPS (and some RTS and not even counting “seriouz buizness” such as pvp in mmos) in ladders ,tourneys , and everything in between short of being “pro” (e.g. making a living out of it). In every game there are huge gaping abyss between new players and “pros”. Its like that “eve learning curve” picture – a huge cliff littered with bodies of newbies and single digit % on top

    We must make better , more accessible pvp games, which do not alienate new comers , but teach and ease them into high level play

    Namely in case of LoL – ELO system need rework. Leavers system need rework. There needs to be better matchmaking and self policing tools available too . There is a lot of things which could be made to improve LoL without dumbing it down.

  4. Dril says:

    That’s why “niche” games work: they have a clear, pre-defined set of objectives you have to be able to complete in order to enjoy the game, driving away morons who can’t do them but keeping a core of people who are both capable and who give a shit.

    Obviously, most devs have chosen to abandon a relatively high ability floor (and thus abandoning a cohesive community) in favour of making the floor incredibly low, but maintaining the high ceiling, leading to dissatisfaction from all parties and a lack of any well-defined core that the game can aim towards.

    Alas, neither method is a guaranteed success. So devs would rather hedge their bets on making WoW money rather than EVE money.

  5. coppertopper says:

    Interesting point you make. In months previous I might have tended to disagree, but after trying (and often failing) at tanking T2 expert instance runs in Rift, there really is a responsibility on players to actually learn game mechanics before pointing fingers. More often then not, in retrospect, it was my lack of knowledge of both my class and the boss mechanics/map intricacies that lead to pissed off guild mates/group members. When it comes to expert level dungeon delving and PvP, gear is less important then personal skill, which can be gained from either failing many times (‘on the job training’) or looking outside the game for help.

    • SynCaine says:

      FOTM soul build + skill script macro + ability to single-click a mob and mash macro key = “you are an awesome tank man!”.

      (Not that I’m bitter or anything)

      • Anonymous says:

        This comment makes it clear that you’re still haunted by your tanking deficiencies that were laid for all the world to see when forced to tank next to me.

        It’s ok…let it all out.

  6. Zubon says:

    Just 288 more hours of gaining summoner xp until I can play ranked games.

    There’s a reason so few players make it to high ELO: it takes 400 hours of playing with these people until you get your starting 1000 ELO.

    • SynCaine says:

      Normal has an ELO as well. It’s invisible, but it’s there. I’d say one in 20 of my games has a leaver in Normal, maybe one in 50 in ranked. Friend me (Syncaine) and I’ll play some Dominion with you.
      Edit: Also ELO starts at 1200.

      • Zubon says:

        So the quitters have already sunk my ELO so low I can never escape them unless I suffer through them for 400+ hours or go entirely to pre-made. Lovely. That sounds like I should call it a sunk cost and give up the game. I’m not going to, but hey, ELO Hell is real unless you have 800 hours for it all to balance out, great.

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