EVE: Inquisition FiS Division is born

Last night I made the decision to leave DiS and begin working on my own corporation, Inquisition FiS Division. A lot of things factored into this decision, and I want to go into those here and also talk a bit about what I hope to do with INQ-E (the corps ticker).

My main issue with DiS was its lack of direction. Initially when I joined the plan was to have the corp be a training ground for new pilots, who would eventually move into the ‘main’ corp in a 0.0 alliance. Because of changes within the alliance, the role DiS was set to play was also affected. These things happen. The lack of direction was also impacted by the corp’s leadership being busy with things outside of the game (totally understandable), plus the additional burden of dealing with their alliance’s new direction.

Another factor was the corp’s growth. While a few new pilots had joined, they were all from this blog. If DiS was an already established corp, this would not have been an issue, but of late, and especially during the last war, it was not uncommon for no one to be online, and playing EVE solo is the fastest path to unsubbing. Issues like a lack of voice chat and message boards did not help.

As these things were happening within DiS, I got an offer from another reader to join his high/low –sec alliance. This would give me access to a large group of players, while still keeping things fairly casual. Having the OPTION to do roaming PvP or low-sec activities, while still being able to just sit in empire and mine/mission/chat if I wanted, was very appealing.

And then there is running a corp itself. I like running things in a sandbox. I like seeing something I’m attached to grow and prosper. I like being responsible for providing content to others (because in turn that’s content for me), and for setting a plan and seeing that it succeeds. Combine this with the fact that EVE gives a corp so many different paths, and so many different ways to succeed, and the lure is pretty huge. And while my gaming time is down from its peak back in my hardcore WoW days, it’s still pretty decent, and so I fully believe I can be online and around enough to make things happen.

My first goal is to just get whoever is interested into the corp in-game, and into Inq’s vent/message board, be they the existing players that have already come into the game or anyone reading right now thinking about giving the game a shot. One goal for INQ-E is to have it be a corp new pilots can join and learn the game in, while also hanging out with like-minded people and having something other than “more ISK, more SP” to look forward to. At the same time, I’d welcome any and all vets as well, to hopefully not only assist the new guys, but also to help mold the corp and get us where we need to be.

Inq application link (ignore that EVE is not listed as a game we play). Be sure to post an application as soon as you create an account, as our forums get a lot of spam accounts and they get deleted if no legit post is made.

Once that is accepted, grab the vent info, and be sure to bookmark the message board. It’s a fun/funny place, and will help you get to know the rest of Inquisition as a whole. We play a lot of different games, and all games are better when played with others, so this is a pretty big win/win for joining up.

Finally, apply to the corp in-game. Be sure to indicate the name you used on the boards/vent as related to your EVE pilot if they are different, as this will help keep that connection straight.

For those without an EVE account right now, my 21 day trial invites have refreshed, and I have 18 remaining. If you are interested, please drop a comment here, and I’ll hook you up.

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7 Responses to EVE: Inquisition FiS Division is born

  1. I’d love to join you, but I just allotted my finances for gaming elsewhere. Perhaps I can be a part of your corp at a later time? Loved the experience in the 21-day trial I was in before. :)

  2. Mark Thompson says:

    I have Eve downloading now. I’ve always meant to give it a shot but never got around to it. I’ll send a request to join the corp after work when I figure out how to do it. (I’m already in Inq from a while back. I just haven’t been active.)

  3. Remastered says:

    I’m pretty sure I didn’t get all my DKP from last night’s raid Mr. Corp Leader.

  4. Hong WeiLoh says:

    You guys going to be operating in Amarr still?

    I can’t speak for TSS or PAX but I’ll put you guys on my personal bluelist, in case we should happen to cross paths in low or null. :-)

  5. Slow Dave says:

    It was this blog that persuaded me to sign up to Eve (week or two before you put the offer up of trial invites.

    I would apply to you but I’m GMT based and at the moment don’t have too much time to play (moving house+fairly new gf saps most of my time). So there’s probably not much point in me signing up to play with you guys, at the moment at least. Please correct me if I’m wrong and you have a GMT (evening time) player base.

    • SynCaine says:

      I believe all of us are US time, either EST or CST, so I don’t think we would have much overlap other than on weekends.

      Shoot me a mail in-game and I’ll add you to my watchlist, and we will see if our times work out.

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