More war, and Steam’s holiday sale being meh

Good times are here again!

And by good times I mean another war-dec. A random Corp has declared against us, and everyone in the Corp is pretty excited to bring out some PvP ships and see what happens. The guys had a small skirmish last night that ended in two wrecks, and we expect more action tonight as well.

In non-EVE news, has anyone else not been that thrilled with the Steam holiday sale? Each day I take a look at what’s offered, and each day I come away not impressed. Was it just a down year for gaming? For instance, I almost picked up Two Worlds II, but then thought about it and realized I’m most likely buying a lesser version of Skyrim, and I’m not finished with that game just yet.

Just seems odd, as I remember last year I picked up a good number of titles, and I was looking forward to the sale this year.

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13 Responses to More war, and Steam’s holiday sale being meh

  1. Brad$ says:

    I think as far as the Steam sale goes it just depends on what you’re into. I’ve picked up a number of indie games that I’ve been interested in on the cheap. Demolition Inc, Orcs Must Die, Rock of Ages, Space Pirates and Zombies, Dungeon Defenders, Sanctum, EYE, and a few others. The Steam sales are always great for getting good indie games at a low price.

  2. Carson says:

    I haven’t bought anything in the Steam sales yet, but I have collected several pieces of sweet, sweet coal from the Holiday Sale Gift Pile.

    Almost got tempted by Rift + a month’s playtime for $7.50, despite all the rude things I said about it after beta, but I dithered about it until it was off the sale list.

  3. Paragus says:

    There’s been a lot of good indie games for sale, and some big name titles. Too bad I own them all already.

  4. Aidan Padecain says:

    Tis the season to be shootie, fast and lootie.

  5. I feel like this year’s Steam sale has just featured a lot of stuff I already have, plus a few more titles so recent that the prices haven’t been as low as they needed to be for me to pick them up. Lots of us have raided the place pretty thoroughly in previous sales, after all.

  6. Beleg says:

    WTB trial key thing

  7. Azuriel says:

    I have spent $143.50 so far with four days of sales left to go. Even if you don’t find these games your cup of tea, the very fact that they had Skyrim up for $20 off MSRP not even two months after its release cements Steam as the de facto PC gaming distributor. Who else can do these things?

    I will say that Humble Bundle and IndieRoyale are definitely cutting into these Steam sales though, and vice versa.

  8. Hudson says:

    Steam games on sale are all retreads of the crap they offered last year and a majority of the Indy games are garbage. Also a person can only play so much Call of Duty, Dawn of War 2 and Borderlands 1 before it gets really old.

  9. My take on this years Steam Sale is that the discounts on recent AAA titles were all fairly unimpressive (25% at most). Some good indie games were very heavily discounted but those games could often be picked up in “pay what you want bundles”.

    However this is the first year I got into the Holiday achievements thing and I had a blast playing a level or two of odd games just to earn some holiday coal.

    Bargain of the sale for me was Train Simulator for 90% off. Who doesn’t like playing with train sets?

  10. coppertopper says:

    Steam just did an ‘oh yea?’ to this post with Dues Ex:HR at $17

  11. SynCaine says:

    Picked up Shogun 2, enjoying it so far (auto-battle)

  12. Crevex says:

    Picked up Shogun 2 yesterday 7 bucks and civ 5 GOTY edition for 17 today. I Can’t complain.

  13. Jaggins says:

    I got Civ V with all expansions for like 15 bucks on black Friday! Otherwise, I agree with you.

    My plan is to buy Skyrim next year when it is cheap and fully patched/modded.

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