Stop it already, let me blog about something else, PLEASE

I mean come on.

Stop the trolling already. Take a break. It’s NOT EVEN FRIDAY!

“We kept the team together” – Over/under layoffs get announced next month?

“Rise of the ghouls took over a year to produce” – No shit. Thank you for reminding us why you won’t be able to produce content fast enough to keep people around after the first month. Also, splitting something into two parts does not make it “epic”. It makes it a two-part update.

“PvP is going to be a big focus for us” – Clearly.

“Legacy system” – Please grind more character while we take a year to produce more voice-work. Thank you.

“Guild banks” – To be fair, Rift also failed to launch with guild banks, so BioWare are not alone in overlooking a critical feature. Also, since when do sRPGs have guilds?

“UI customization” – Tell that UI ‘team’ 2004 called.

“Listening to the community” – How’s that rollback coming?

Oddly no mention of allowing people to un-sub.

Also lack of white shades kinda killed this for me. I can’t take a PR guy serious without them anymore.

Is it 6 weeks yet?

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16 Responses to Stop it already, let me blog about something else, PLEASE

  1. adam says:

    What’s this business about not being able to unsubscribe? I unsubscribed yesterday without a problem… at least, I think I did…

    • Wyrmrider says:

      There were reports that some people were showing as “subscribed” on one page, but “not subscribed” on another (where the unsubscribe button should be).

      Of course, I find their whole account setup to be deeply ambiguous, so it’s possible those people were simply “doing it wrong.”

      To be doubly sure, go to “Subscription” and make sure it says you have 1 day of play time remaining, then click “Show Your Payment History” and remove your card.

  2. Wyrmrider says:

    Silly Syncaine, ghouls are so 2004. TOR has “rakghouls.” Innovation!

    What happened to guild ships, building on the “PvP lakes” idea, or expanding space gameplay?

  3. Ahtchu says:

    You missed the best one of all:
    “… it actually takes place in two parts. Our first part comes out right away. Our second part comes out in the future. That’s how epic this story is.”
    OOooo I died. I didn’t know it was possible to make so many Captain Obvious remarks linked with logical fallacies in a single breath.

  4. bhagpuss says:

    I have to admit I boggled at “fully resizeable UI” as a highlight of the first patch for an AAA MMO in 2012. Then again, Skyrim UI, FFXIV UI…

    Maybe UIs are harder to do than you’d think. Or harder to think of doing than you’d think, at least.

    • Joe says:

      maybe it’s just harder for EA to -think- than you’d think. =)

    • Gesh says:

      I don’t know about FFXIV, but people defend Skyrim UI with the argument, that it is a carbon copy of the console version. Now I don’t have a console so I don’t know how the UI feels there, but on PC it sucks donkey balls.

      • Professer says:

        Isn’t donkey balls going a bit too far? Yes its designed for the consoles and it doesn’t transcribe to PC controls perfectly, but I was able to get past the UI after about a hour of gameplay. You get used to it, and it works.

  5. In the UI segment, were they trying to tell us something when they moved the mini-map up to where it is in WoW?

    • Sylow says:

      I see little message there. It’s the same location i had the map at in WAR, it’s the same location i had my map in GW, it’s the same location i already had it in AO and SWG, so having the map in the upper right corner seems natural for me, i wouldn’t connect that to any single specific game.

      What hurts me more is that health bars will still be attached to your ability bars, but they’d really need to be seperate so they can be placed in a useful way. (In a block with your teammates and companions health bar, preferably with the unnecessary character portraits removed. )

      Of course, that might just be me, but healing is my business and the current interface is quite bad for that.

  6. Sylow says:

    For me, the most hillarious part is the whole “it’s for you, guys!” thing, while he not even once in the clip looked into the camera, but always focused on something at the side. So, the “you” probably is the producers or whoever, not the players… *g*

  7. Anonymous says:

    I’m starting to think that you’ve shorted Bioware’s stock and it hasn’t come down enough yet.

    Keep the EVE posts coming – more interesting for me.

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  9. theJexster says:

    If you can’t retain them, take advantage of the proven data behind peoples aversion to calling a large company (and getting a ring-a-round with the outsourced tele person from country X) and general issues with opt-out programs. Nothing like quality corporate behavior.

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