Small fish in a big pond

Assuming he sticks with the game, Gevlon will likely have a very different take on this post in three months than he does now. You’re not in Azeroth anymore buddy, and while EVE certainly has its fair share of weaker players, the one-server setup ensures that, eventually, you will bump into the good ones as well. Assuming you become something noticeable anyway.

Quick GW2 note: When they said 4 WvWvW maps, they meant two right? One unique and three copies of the other? It’s more ‘fair’ I guess, but a little boring. Also ArenaNets version of “absolutely massive” is quite different than mine. Nice crippling lag at the gate too.

Final note: Going to be a busy week for me work-wise, so blogging will likely be a little slow.

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15 Responses to Small fish in a big pond

  1. coppertopper says:

    Sour grapes sir! I have read more then a few comparisons to DAOC only better. And you should be used to lag since you play EvE ; )

    • Noizy says:

      I am going to have so much fun comparing Gevlon’s reactions to Eve to Tobold’s. The funny thing is that from what I’ve read Gevlon seems to get Eve, at least so far. And Eve is all about your attitude.

  2. Werit says:

    That video was pretty poor. Lag and people attacking a door.

  3. mbp says:

    Gevlon versus Eve is compulsive viewing.

    Less than a week into a 9 year old game he is sending insulting emails to more experienced players telling them how to play. From anyone else that would be embarrassingly arrogant but I am beginning to realise that Gevlon’s thought processes are internally consistent even if they make no sense to the rest of us. I don’t think he has the embarrassment gene.

    I think he could do very well in EVE if he sticks with it. Sure he will come up against “better” players who might swat him aside for lulz but I could see Gev treating that as just another learning opportunity. In fact I am not sure that deep down Gev distinguishes between other humans and npcs they are all just another form of content to overcome.

    • steelhunt says:

      – “Gevlon versus Eve is compulsive viewing. ”

      oh, God, what have we done! :P

    • Shadow says:

      That comment had me literally chuckling in my chair.

      As for the comments over at Gevlon’s site, I found it humorous that after someone explained in excruciating detail why his presumption of the other person being an idiot was wrong, he stuck to his initial premise.

    • Gesh says:

      The only thing he forgets is that payback or making someone (him) miserable for the lulz is quite easy.

    • Hong WeiLoh says:

      “In fact I am not sure that deep down Gev distinguishes between other humans and npcs they are all just another form of content to overcome.”
      lol I went to his blog to go see what the big deal was… I think that quote hit the nail on the head. Hard.

      He’s just what EVE needs: another apparent narcissistic basement-dweller fapping to his inherent superiority, and completely failing to understand why the rest of us aren’t fapping about him too. (see: #ComicBookGuy and #WorstGameEvar lol)

      Mittens #Chairmanforlife lol may just have some competition in a few years, should EVE survive that long. ;-)

  4. Randomessa says:

    Try this GW2 WvWvW video, much less of the crippling lag there despite some large battles.

  5. Mark says:

    Finally getting back into EVE partially thankfully to you!! Anyone have any recommendations for someone who really has only done pve and wants to learn more about the game? Corps or guides to check out perhaps, I am Caldari and currently flying a Caracal but that’s where i left it probably 2 years ago lol.

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