The EG virus is spreading

Solid work right here.

I’m guessing more examples will follow.

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22 Responses to The EG virus is spreading

  1. Dril says:

    No, no, no, no you’re doing it wrong.

    They’re not “mainstream gaming journalists/press”, they’re paid bloggers, you silly. That means they’re allowed to be more wrong then their unpaid counterparts.


    • Oh no, those people get press passes. Somebody once told me that a press pass was how you could tell if you were a real journalist. If you couldn’t get one, then you were not a real journalist.

      Life is so simple.

    • Professer says:

      Either way they can be fucking annoying, As terrible as they are, at least we’re getting some great comedy out of it all.

  2. Gesh says:

    So, you are now not only the evil Sauron, but also a Mujahideen? It’s been a busy week.

  3. eveplayerscrybest says:

    I have to say that for a community so full of HTFU tough guys, EVE players sure are shedding a fuckload of tears over a few throw-away lines on a gaming blog, lol.

    Please keep posting this stuff, though, pure comedy gold from everyone (and I do mean everyone) involved.

    • Professer says:

      if you mean tears of laughter, yes

      • eveplayerscrybest says:

        Oh laughter, right. So when Eve tough guys make whiny threads (like the Nosy Gamer one linked in Sincane’s OP above) decrying the irresponsibility of game journos, they’re laughing.

        I see.


        • Dril says:

          The difference is, the white knights were doing it purely out of principle and with no actual knowledge of what happened, just second hand stuff which was utterly wrong.

          The EVE players are simply pointing out why people who are paid to write are unworthy of our praise (or indeed their payment) because they are simply incapable of doing any basic fact checking or primary research.

      • spinks says:

        It’s because they get overexcited when they think people are interested in their petty in game drama, when the actual story being told is “EVE is for insane people.” It’s actually a shame that’s the story the press want to tell, because you can do a lot more in sandbox games than scam people and have massive OOC drama.

        • Ulvheart says:

          People seem to enjoy being shitty to each other though so spending your time ganking is fun for a large element. Posting about it to their peers is a sign of skills.

          The import of the stories coming out of this event could be more serious for CCP than Mitianigate justifies…

          I tried Eve a long time ago though and it wasn’t this element of the community that put me off. I was looking for an Elite-type game and the combat in Eve didn’t do it for me but the PvP side is what stops me playing now.

          What puts me off going back is the need to be constantly careful and concentrated to avoid being ganked or having to engage in PvP when you really just want to pootle around doing trivial tasks after a hard day doing *real* work..

          I like the concepts in Eve and it’s a stuningly pretty game but really prefer to PvE in MMOs and the coice of when to PvP.

          These stories and the (mis?) reporting will keep many people away. I’m not sure how many it will bring in and that’s the bottom line.

          Will this bad press hurt CCPs revenue?

        • Sullas says:

          “…you can do a lot more in sandbox games than scam people and have massive OOC drama.”

          My thoughts exactly. It’s a considerable mistake to hitch the wagon of EVE’s appeal to Mittens’s (or, The Mittani’s; Jester’s analysis of Gianturco’s mental hydra was excellent) drunken stagger over the line of human decency at FanFest.

          The beauty of the sandbox is, obviously, the open-endedness. There’s space for everything: slack-jawed mining; hi-sec PvE; complicated, abstract financial tussles to rival anything in the real world; casual RvB PvP; and stuff like that brilliant WH-space fleet min-maxing drama from Guillotine Therapy. To claim that anyone who isn’t at heart a shabby sadistic wanker doesn’t get EVE or belong there is, I think, selling the game short for the sake of temporary cheap badass points.

  4. Devore says:

    Right now on EVE Radio, The Mittani and some dude from Massively (tail end I think, maybe 20 mins left?).

  5. Quelldrogo says:

    Dear CCP: Just add a checkbox waiver to the game login screen. Like the warnings on cigarettes.

    “I declare myself to be in a rational mental state. I am not suicidal. I am aware that playing internet spaceships with the EVE community is harmful to my health. Many of my acquaintances find this habit absolutely disgusting.”

    Of course, half the EVE players I know are deranged drunken lunatics. Give mittens another jagerbomb.

    End of fuckin story.

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