EVE: We are unofficially a wormhole Corp now

Last night INQ-E purchased a wormhole and established ourselves in our new home.

Oh wait that was just the plan.

In a very impressive showing, we had the majority of the Corp online and ready for the move. Haulers filled up their ships, PvP escorts were ready to go, and everything was looking good. We got the entrance location from the seller, made our way to it without incident, and got everyone inside the wormhole and to the POS we were set to purchase.

Then things went a bit south. Or more accurately, did not go anywhere.

Our seller, the current owner of the POS, did not leave a pilot with anchoring III behind (the skill needed to unanchor a POS, so that it would be traded). His alt only had anchoring II, but was training towards III and only had ‘about an hour’ to go. About an hour turned out to be closer to two. Oh and after those two hours, he was at anchoring II, not III. Wheee.

Since we were buying the POS, we did not bring our own. Had we done so, we would have been up and running in plenty of time. Lesson learned.

During the initial wait for the transfer, we probed down the entire system, and along with a nice collection of grav and ladar sites, found two additional wormholes. The first lead to a C4, which contained an active POS and a few capital ships inside it. Not wanting to stay connected to our temporary neighbors, we took our first shot at collapsing a hole, moving battleships back and forth in order to destabilize it. Once critical, we left it alone. The other hole was to null-sec, and in our attempt to destabilize that hole, the last battleship to jump back inside actually closed it. This was met with cheers in vent.

Once the seller realized his mistake, he was nice enough to simply give us the WH rather than sell it, which I felt was a pretty standup move by him. We had one of our trailing members buy a POS in Jita and haul it down, but as luck would have it, he got scanned down and suicide-ganked along the way. The truly comical part of this is right before that happened, I was saying on vent how I doubt anyone would suicide a hauler with just a POS inside, considering it’s only worth 300m and its 50/50 whether it survives the wreck. A goonswarm member confirmed that yes, suicide-gankers will take that risk.

One of those “this is EVE” moments happened a few days ago, when I discovered that there is an entire Corporation that runs a WH selling/brokerage service. If there is a demand for some service, you can be sure someone in EVE will do it for a price. The broker’s side of this entire thing went very smoothly. I transferred the ISK to him, along with a 10% fee, and he held the ISK until I had control of the POS. Once it became apparent that the trade was not going to happen, he returned the ISK minus his fee as we had agreed. Considering the whole fiasco took more than three hours, his prompt service and response times were highly appreciated.

While the actual result of the night was not what we had planned for or expected, the whole experience was still very memorable, and I think everyone enjoyed themselves. Experiencing something that new as a large group is a lot of fun, and seeing the whole Corp working towards one goal like that was great. ‘Epic’ moments in an MMO don’t always end with a dead dragon. Sometimes, ‘nothing’ happening can be just as, if not more, exciting.

Tonight is round two of actually putting the POS online and setting everything up. What could possibly go wrong?

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  1. Werit says:

    I spent some time in a wormhole, ended up being pretty boring since I did not have an alt. We had a station there, made some really good isk. However, there was not much to do if you were on alone.

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  3. Lan says:

    welcome to best space, maybe we get to shoot at each other

    Lead Farmers
    Kill it With Fire

  4. LC says:

    Welcome to K-Space! Just an FYI don’t have your guys probing scan down the mag/ladar etc sigs to 100% unless you intend on doing them. They despawn after 3 days once scanned to 100%.

    Have fun!

    • SynCaine says:

      Is this true? I’ve seen conflicting info.

      • They despawn 3 days after being warped to. Scanning them down does nothing

        • Lan says:

          Just a clarification here, if you initiate warp to them and the corresponding pop up for the site is shown and then you cancel warp it counts as being warped to. You can do this to activate Ladars/Gravs without actually warping to them.

        • kalex716 says:

          Warp to them yep, and cancel and it will initiate its lifecycle.

          Do this in all your neighbors holes too when bored as the churn will cause them to spawn again in other holes (hopefully yours).

          You’ll start to notice when you go into a system thats rarely get traffic will have tons and tons of sites collected there. Flip as many as you can.

          You mentioned a C4 off your hole as well, if thats your static: 2/3 tengu’s and 2 basilisks can rip apart C4 sites in no time (but theirs so many ship configurations that can work, enjoy kitting out for it). Frontier Barracks are the quickest to do and will net you the most isk/per hour due to the layout and the ammount of battleships that spawn.

          Other than that, keep alts/scouts at your holes at all times. D-scan constantly. Work on setting up some type of shared intel sheet your corp can use, and most importantly…

          Welcome to EVE the way it was meant to be played!

  5. bhagpuss says:

    I had a long reply but I decided it would sit better on my own blog. Suffice to say I think I understand why that was an evening well spent even though it wouldn’t be how I’d choose to spend an evening myself.

    Well-written pieces such as I read here and at TAGN mean Eve intrigues me more now than it used to. Writing skills FTW!

    • coppertopper says:

      personally the more of these stories I read, the more it seems impossible to get into the game unless you suck up to big guilds who can instantly gift you millions of in game currency. I just see a huge rift growing bigger and bigger between potential new players and the establishment.

    • bhagpuss says:

      Post is up now, not that it’s that relevant. Apologies to anyone that went looking for it before I’d written it. I had mindless grinding to do in EQ2 all weekend :P

  6. Mbp says:

    Exciting times Syncaine. I was completely addicted to the accounts of wormhole life over on Random Average but he seems to have given up posting. I look forward to reading about your worm hole adventures.

  7. Cyndre says:

    “What could possibly go wrong?”

    Oh, nothing really, unless you count the failsauce wormhole collapse with my Cane and Tom’s Orca on the wrong side, 20 jumps deep in low-sec…

    Ya nothing at all…

  8. Sand says:

    “What could possibly go wrong?”

    don’t ever ask this question unless you want tok now the answer

  9. Latrodanes says:

    Good luck out there. I noted on Dotlan the untanked hauler gank and the tower it was carrying. Ah, good old Niarja.

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